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Freeware to stop Windows 10 from updating.


Time Zone traveller
Jul 27, 2002
Maybe someone here can help me here. I am looking for a freeware that can monitor what is trying to leave my computer. I don't want Google chrome, Opera browser and Windows 10 from updating at all. Yes I have tried from inside Windows but it still goes out to contact the mother ship, downloads a 500mb file in 5 minutes.

But when I want to download something it takes for ever.

I am pretty sure Linux has their own programs but are not Windows software.

BTW my computer is a HTPC which rarely I allow to access the Internet. Last time it did the calculator software disappeared and couldn't get it back at all.

Thanks for the help.
I found this....,Firewall%20and%20Windows%20Security%20Center.

The latest Windows 10 updates disabled my printer. So I went to setting to uninstall the update and had to re-install my printer drivers. I too would like to disable windows 10 updates.


Well-known member
Nov 6, 2005
It is okay to disable the Windows 10 updates in your Settings, if you are not using the internet. But you got to bear in mind that some of the updates are enhanced for your security. Also, the recent Browser update emulates Google Chrome:

For example, I know that the most recent Update in Windows Edge that uses Bing as the browser, enabled better streaming of live sports when compared to Google Chrome. The best 4K videos that I have come across using this Browser. Just bear that in mind.
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