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Whitney did not last long LOL

Kyliee is gone again. Guess she flew down for a week to suck dick

Angel is back soon

Zara back in another month
Hi Babes 💕 I’m by YYZ today and possibly tomorrow for a short time. Want to get together? Book on my website for simplicity and priority We can also connect on Skype or Zoom. $50/15 mins $90/30 mins EFT/or PayPal accepted. Can’t wait to see you!
My thought of the day is would working two times a month be too little? Cause with this lockdown and being a fulltime college student so hard to provide an exact schedule of availability since it changes on a whim

Also have a good Saturday 🤭😚
😍😍 damn girl

Okie when i am on shift at DD i def gotta meet you 😊

Would so follow your Twitter if mine wasn't on a suspension
Yes !!! Msg me when you’re on schedule ! I can’t wait to meet all of the other girls at DD 💙💙💙