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  1. Critique of the Nordic Model
  2. We Are Not Criminals
  3. Opposing Bill C-36: Things You Can Do
  4. Celine Bisette: Sex workers unite
  5. Why It's Time To Legalize Prostitution
  6. Peter Useless Mackay is on NOW
  7. ONCE C-36 is Law ..... Where will you Guys prefer INCALL?? HOTEL OR CONDO ?
  8. Terri-Jean Bedford threatens to name names if C-36 passes
  9. Puritan Harper CONS to "fast track" prostitution bill
  10. Message and question from terri jean bedford....
  11. Is The Threat Of ISIS To Canada Putting Bill C-36 On The Back Burner?
  12. Please Sign this Petition to Stop Bill-C36 from Passing Senate
  13. Strip Clubs Post C-36?
  14. c36
  15. Possible for C-36 to be immediatley S.C.C. CHALLENGED once Law.
  16. Will outcalls be safer with Bill C36?
  17. C-36 hype
  18. Toronto Police budget freeze 2015,will Feds provide additional funds to police c-36 ?
  19. Premier Wynne Should Follow City Of Victoria's Lead
  20. c36 Becomes Law Officially on December 6
  21. Bill c-36 effective date
  22. The official Bill C-36 Music Thread
  23. Chances of being busted in an outcall?
  24. Would this be the true Motivation behind C36
  25. How does the new law affect people who barter with sex workers?
  26. Our response to the passing of Bill C-36: City of Vancouver subtly saying NOT GOING
  27. What will be the least Risky after Sharia law 36?
  28. Perverse incentive of Bill C-36 in its legal twilight.
  29. No new clients trend??
  30. What are the short-term consequences of C-36?
  31. Do agency's keep copies of our numbers. C36 issue
  32. Dancers Attitude Towards C-36
  33. Now Bill C-36 Makes Sense
  34. Am I Naive to Believe (C-36 & Outcalls to Hotels)...
  35. Vancouver won't change enforcing priorities with Bill c36
  36. Excellant Post C-36 Advice from a Conservative MP
  37. Bill C-36 is going to be great for us!!!!!
  38. open letter to Newfoundland & Labrador's Premier against C-36!
  39. New Law - Basically Unenforceable
  40. How About A C36 Legal Defense Insurance?
  41. Canada's new prostitution laws: highlights
  42. Will not C36 bring more girls into the profession?
  43. C36 and undercover police stings
  44. New Poll on visiting MP's during the first week of C36 (Dec 6th)
  45. Abstract from Wendy Lyons' Dissertation
  46. C36 and our beloved terb....
  47. C-36 and the Disabled
  48. Who is staying in this Hobby for the long run after C36?
  49. My (and your) next steps?
  50. this may be related to unconstitutional 36
  51. C36 Speculation: We need some data
  52. "Suspect Information Card"
  53. how many sessions this week?
  54. So is Friday the Last Day for stress free hobbying?
  55. BonBons agency closed / phone records stolen
  56. Durham threads and C36
  57. C-36 and tube socks
  58. What impact does C36 have on Sugar Daddy websites like Seeking Arrangements?
  59. SP facts that were ignored by the Harper Regime and company
  60. C-36 and cuddling
  61. C-36 Toronto Tracking
  62. So you've been arrested for obtaining sexual services for consideration......
  63. Speculation and Bravado
  64. Finally!! City of Toronto speaks against C-36!!!! city councillors appeal to Wynne!
  65. Will C36 cause increase in Homosexuality in the Canadian society ?
  66. So what can we do in a MP that is legal???
  67. New law kicks in tomorrow!
  68. Sell Condoms instead of sex
  69. Stripclubs are fucked
  70. C36 and warrants
  71. T Minus 5 Hours
  72. Music to prepare for life under C-36
  73. How are escort agencies going to change their services?
  74. Hiv/aids legal network joins call to premier on bill c-36
  75. C36: Media Panic?
  76. The Arrest Count Stands At...
  77. National Post - Wynne government may fire first shot at C-36
  78. Companion service list abbreviations no longer listed
  79. NOW says it will defy ad ban in new prostitution bill
  80. Difference between "Prostitution" & "Pornography"
  81. C-36 body count thread
  82. Guess what I did today....
  83. More than 60 organizations call for repeal of prostitution law.
  84. Dear Mr. Harper
  85. Today's the new day. C36
  86. New law?
  87. raids or stings?
  88. Creating porn under C-36
  89. Well....C36 is in effect now...
  90. Now magazine gives the Finger to Bill C36
  91. Will raids notices remain up on the site now?
  92. T.W.A.T team rappeled through window durring session!
  93. Ontario premier concerned about constitutionality of new prostitution law
  94. C-36 Strip Clubs
  95. Agencies Post C-36
  96. Interest View From Chief of Police
  97. C36 will give MPAs & SPs an upperhand in blackmailing 'clients'
  98. Edmonton Cop says bill C36 is useless...
  99. Post C36 Backpage Observation
  100. Bust in Markham this Morning
  101. Calgary police chief's statement on C-36
  102. Bill C-36 how are you guys doing?
  103. A relevant decision today at the Supreme Court of Canada
  104. Police entitled to search cell phones AFTER arrest
  105. Best article to date where Bill C36 is at right now from CBC
  106. C-36 aftermath
  107. Lawyer offers seminar on C-36 - There is nothing to worry about.
  108. Can the Ontario Supreme Court rule C 36 Unconstitutional? Then what?
  109. Just caught another provider not realizing the change in laws
  110. one reason for c-36: Research shows almost all women aggress against a sexy peer
  111. Bill C36 - Help a noob out?
  112. C-36 explained using LEGO
  113. Forum Research : Liberal Majority if poll were held today. LIB (41%) CON (33%)
  114. Prostitution Bill C36
  115. Allure has the answer
  116. Is Wynne really taking a stand here?
  117. Has C-36 made it more difficult for the Feds to achieve their goal
  118. Bill C-36 is a hate law.
  119. Life under C-36
  120. The Law...
  121. So has anyone run into any trouble?
  122. Legal challenge to c-36?
  123. Alternative Scenario C-36
  124. Ethical Johns website is now up
  125. Trudeau would repeal c36
  126. Are some cities safer than other under C36?
  127. Bill C-36, In Force 1 Month, Any Developments?
  128. Joy Smith speaks again
  129. will these be banned from carnivals?
  130. Male strippers
  131. Inside scoop at the Police Station
  132. Some small Sask. communities seeing rise in prostitution
  133. Minimum evidence for MP arrest?
  134. Have By Law Visited MP's since C 36?
  135. NY Times link today
  136. Maybe just paranoia?
  137. C36 aka PCEPA used for first time in Hamilton
  138. First Bill C-36 Charges Laid. Anyone heard about this?
  139. Is MP a Public Place?
  140. Toronto man charged in human trafficking investigation
  141. Impact on C-36 on agencies
  142. trafficking housing in Toronto
  143. C36 Stings in Saskatoon
  144. Kickstarter campaign to fight C-36
  146. Noise complaints lead to human trafficking arrest
  147. C-36 and AGENCIES??
  148. Sex workers take fight against hooker law to province
  149. More Charges Laid Against London Man Accused of Trafficking Teens For Sex
  150. New Law!! Is prostitution still legal in Canada ?
  151. New article on parlours in Montreal
  152. Is HE legal in Ontario? (Ponomarev Precedent)
  153. Girl, 14, forced into week of sex trafficking at downtown hotel
  154. Off Duty Bylaw/LE are MP customers too?
  155. Has there been cases being charged for buying sex under the Bill C36?
  156. Problems with C36 / PCEPA
  157. Advertising Issues
  158. Cops and new SW laws
  159. Are cops turning their backs on feds' new hooker law?
  160. Hiring girl to lap dance in hotel room
  161. Winnipeg man, 42, charged with prostitution of girl, 17
  162. C36 and unlicensed massage parlours
  163. Ontario finds that c36 / PCEPA to be constitutional.
  164. Massive Prostitution Ring Coerced More Than 500 Victims From China To Canada
  165. Used real phone to call Mirage. How screwed am I?
  166. Windsor pimp forced teenaged girl into prostitution
  167. Responding to an Ad from a Backpage Regular
  168. Risk in going to MP now?
  169. Ontario still has concerns about prostitution law despite constitutionality
  170. Police arrest two men in human trafficking investigation
  171. Is C-36 a one shot deal? / New arguments
  172. Police arrest one man, looking for another in human trafficking investigation
  173. Hookers for Harper
  174. Joy smith not running for reelection
  175. Need RMT massage, but worried about non-RMT MPA.
  176. Ottawa police raided massage parlours in late April leading to 11 deportations
  177. Windsor men face prostitution charges after 6-week probe
  178. Katrina Pacey @ Pivot Legal Society
  179. Homegrown trafficking - MPP calls for provincial task force
  180. Any News On Arrests At The Grand Prix??
  181. supply and demand
  182. CBC - The National: The Sex Trade | Up Close
  183. Safest Way to Hobby in GTA
  184. Unreported ‘bad dates’ on the rise under new prostitution law
  185. Switzerland: Cabinet doesn’t want to ban prostitution
  186. What are the new crimminal charges?
  187. joy smith
  188. Toronto man charged in human trafficking investigation
  189. 5 things you learn as an MPA
  190. Graduate refused hotel room because staff thought 'she might be a Romanian prostitute
  191. Amnesty prostitution ruling is heartless: Mallick
  192. Driving under suspension
  193. The Plague has reached Ireland
  194. Oshawa man charged with human trafficking
  195. NPD, Liberals and Greens commit to repealing anti-sex work law
  196. London/Ottawa police warn sex trade workers about possible violent men
  197. Any reports of cops going undercover?
  198. Cape Breton men fined for prostitution
  199. Election 2015: Bill C-36 and sex workers’ rights — Canada’s major federal parties res
  200. GTA real estate agent 1 of 2 charged in Canada-wide human trafficking investigation
  201. Open letter: Coalition asks NDP, Liberal, and Green leaders to repeal
  202. Anyone bothered by this?
  203. Human trafficking crackdown on sex trade across Canada yields 47 people charged
  204. Prostitution, drug prevention measures include mandatory ID for west Edmonton motel..
  205. Agency Keeping Records?
  206. Nova Scotia sex workers questioned in human trafficking crackdown
  207. Calgary Police charge 33 people in four-day prostitution sweep
  208. New AG of Canada will review C36
  209. a letter to Minister Wilson-Raybould
  210. So ...best case scenario... when could we expect to see C36 repealed?
  211. Charges in London agency bust include "advertising another person's sexual services"
  212. Sentence exceeds Crown’s request for B.C. man who pimped underage girls
  213. Charges laid after girl, 13, escapes captors forcing her to work in sex trade
  214. Ban on willing sex between underage teens and adults ruled constitutional
  215. Brampton man charged with prostitution-related crimes
  216. Sex workers come out of the shadows to perform The Hooker Monologues
  217. Human trafficking of young girls in Ontario must be tackled by police crime force....
  218. Has anything changed under Trudeau administration?
  219. Two men arrested in human trafficking and sexual assault investigation..
  220. Sex workers urge Liberal government to decriminalize prostitution
  221. 2016 Crackdown on C-36
  222. could the outcome of this case effect all future c-36 cases?
  223. Passenger Says American Airlines Mistakenly Accused Him of Sex Trafficking
  224. Sex workers face jail time under new legislation, warns alliance
  225. Car break-ins
  226. New Hampshire: Lawmaker proposes legalized prostitution
  227. Defence lawyer argues prostitution sting against 27 Nova Scotia men was abuse of.....
  228. Prostitution: the Trudeau government consult sex workers
  229. Sex worker Laura Lee's challenge to prostitution laws on hold after Foster and McGuin
  230. Toronto girl, 16, arrested for allegedly recruiting, forcing youth into sex trade
  231. Sex educator legally dances around c-36
  232. Man charged in Toronto human trafficking probe
  233. Hobbying in Calgary
  234. Man claiming to be police officer faces multiple charges in alleged rape of SP
  235. Latest house of commons mentions on c-36
  236. Brampton man and woman arrested in human trafficking investigation
  237. Man, 16-year-old girl charged after teen forced into sex trade: Toronto police
  238. Israeli Justice Minister Mulls Criminalizing the Hiring of Prostitutes read more: htt
  239. Third person charged after teen allegedly forced into prostitution
  240. Three men charged after 15-year-old girl from B.C. allegedly forced into sex trade
  241. How do you communicate under C-36?
  242. How Safe Are Outcalls?
  243. Toronto Landscape
  244. Winnipeg: 5 "charged with obtaining sexual services for consideration."
  245. Quebec: New anti exploitation police squad to target buyers of sex
  246. MPAs in Toronto Still Cool?
  247. Northern Ireland sex worker bids to overturn ‘dangerous’ ban on hiring escorts
  248. Bawdy houses popping up in residential Markham neighbourhoods, say residents
  249. Neighbours take B.C. condo owner to court over allegations of prostitution
  250. Challging the prostitution laws
  251. Border Trouble
  252. Kate Lister (Whores of Yore) on the folly of the Nordic Model
  253. Liberal Party Convention 2018
  254. are C36 convictions subject to sex offender registry?
  255. Opinion: Decriminalization of sex work is essential
  256. London agencies to reveal groundbreaking digital sex trafficking public awareness ...
  257. Charter challenge
  258. Mississauga residents facing charges in GTA human trafficking investigation
  259. Woman who was forced into prostitution found at Windsor hotel, say police
  260. huffington post article on US history of criminalizing sex
  261. Sex Workers Are Targets As Long As Liberals Delay Decriminalization
  262. How do you feel about breaking the law?
  263. Craigslist Sex Sting Prosecution Rejected as “Outrageous Misconduct”–Washington v....
  264. Constitutional challenge to SESTA/FOSTA in DC
  265. Opponents of Legalized Prostitution in Nye County Fail to Get Enough Signatures
  266. Rights groups decry Swiss campaign to ban sex work
  267. Anti-Sex U.S.A: FlawlessEscorts.com Operators Are Arrested, Website Is Seized
  268. Governments have failed Canada’s sex workers—and they’re running out of patience
  269. Anti-Trafficking Laws Are Hurting, Not Helping, but Sex Workers Are Fighting Back
  270. WARNING!!! Operation Northern Spotlight
  271. Operation Northern Spotlight over.....
  272. Canadian law meant to protect sex workers is making it harder for them to stay safe
  273. Discussion of the need to legalize in Australia
  274. Questions about legality
  275. Too good not to share
  276. Challenge to prostitution laws delayed, moved to Kitchener
  277. How an oil heiress attacked sex workers and their clients
  278. Short podcast on even more laws to come..
  279. French sex workers seek repeal of ban on paying for sex
  280. Study of street level sex work in Edmonton
  281. First Congress Took Sex Workers’ Websites. Now It's Coming For Their Bank Accounts.
  282. U.S.A: Maine could decriminalize Sex Work
  283. Sex Workers In Ireland: The Swedish Model Criminalising Clients Has Failed
  284. Pls sign this quick petition on change.org!!
  285. There's a documentary on Youtube..
  286. Leolist now only accepting Crypto currency
  287. Violence against prostitutes in Ireland soars after Nordic Model imposed
  288. Lawyers argue Canada's prostitution laws violate sex workers' Charter rights
  289. D.C. Council member seeks to decriminalize sex work
  290. Will she flip? Deputies urge woman to say she was trafficked
  291. New York state lawmakers introduce bill to decriminalize sex work
  292. Charter challenge of Canada's prostitution laws to wrap up today ...
  293. Bernie supports decriminalization
  294. Marching as an SW in the Pride parade
  295. Trudeau government accused of jeopardizing sex workers' safety by refusing to amend..
  296. Sex workers' experiences and occupational conditions............
  297. Acquittal entered for Frenchvale man on prostitution charge
  298. Sheer and Bill C-36
  299. Australia: NT decriminalises sex work as Attorney-General Natasha Fyles..............