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Jamaica scene?


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Jan 25, 2023
I have 9 or 10 days at Christmas, nothing much came up on search. What is the best place to go with the best scene? Been looking into montego bay, anyone got any info?


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Jan 5, 2014
The guys on ISG called Jamaica a shithole country for mongering and I think the post was pre-Trump.

He might have gotten that term from reading that thread.

The few TER reviews came from ads here.

It seems that many Jamaican escorts, or at least the expensive ones, use that ad site.

So starting there might be your best bet.

Most of the ads on Massage Republic are real, but some of them aren’t. you can change the city name to find other cities you are interested in.

It is always a crapshoot and a gut feel on Whatsapp responses in a country with few verifiable reviews.

Hopefully others will have experiences from personal experiences to share.

But it is more difficult to find verified reviews anywhere in the Carribean.
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