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Italy - Milan and Rome


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Feb 9, 2013
Flew into Milan then used the train to travel to Rome. Beautiful girls everywhere.

I came on a mission here... And fulfill the old saying --- in Rome do what the Romans do.. fuck some beautiful girls :) lol

Thanks to the information on yhe internationalsexguide forums i was able to find the agency

They service a few cities

Its a good responsive agency
Mostly Beautiful Ukrainian girls marketed as Russian. They bring them in for a few weeks and rotate them in the cities on their website.

The photos are often over airbushed but in this case the girls look better than the photoshop website pics!!

I met 3 girls with them. During my few days there.

Damage 160 euros per hour session

Setup was incall to a good hotel in both cities.

Initially they verify you are a real person by asking for a selfie via WhatsApp. Then everything is smooth.

One was Bella. An Absolutely, flawless beauty. She was listed as 18, and i believe it. She is the type of girl you would find on glamour model websites

There was 2 other girls i saw but i can't recall the names! They were beautiful as well.

The sex was incredible. The girls there know how to perform and don't get tired or give attitude like ive seen in Canada.

I strongly recommend this agency for a positive experience if you're traveling in that region and desire to taste some beautiful Ukrainian/Russian young girls.

I also tried Tinder and matched with some hot girls but didn't have time to meet or taste them.
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Feb 14, 2020
Damn those SP are smokin'.
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