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Cost for independent SP rant

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Dec 26, 2006
I'm starting to see rates $300 to $600. Are you guys crazy paying these rates for an hour? These women are just laughing all the way to the bank.
Where does this end? Or will the market correct itself. Similar to the stock market.
Come on give an average Joe a break.
Stop paying these women ticket to the millionaires club.
Thank you
Sorry if this annoyes anyone.


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Jan 28, 2013
Here we go again... lol



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Apr 16, 2002
$300--$600 is still a lot lower than the cost of me
offering the same payment to a non-escort woman for a
BJ. I will be sued for sexual harassment. Whatever the outcome
of my trial my reputation will be ruined. That is quite a heavy
price to pay than the cost of a typical one hr incall session.


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Jun 5, 2009
Go with agency girls instead.

It's not exactly an easy job. Imagine if the world worked the other way and you could get paid $300-$600/hour for eating out old lady's pussies and asses. It takes a special person that will have sex with anyone that walks thru the door.

My guess is that most escorts have a different genetic-based disgust sensitivity compared to average people.
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Apr 28, 2016
I'm fine with the cost. I just dont like the whole system behind it. A few of them are hot enough to be worth the price but you need references and other kinds of screening.

Theres no reviews on a lot of the hot ones so you dont even know if it's worth it, I wouldnt pay 500 bucks an hour for a CBJ and no dfk.

They barely work or only work during the day which is inconvenient to me.

Theres plenty of hot agency girls for cheaper with a lot more convenient booking.


Oct 10, 2006
Even if you use inflation scales from let's say 1999 at a price of 150 would equal 220.54 today. Clearly the pricing has gone wonky but that's because idiots have too much money and are happy to part with it. Look at the housing market in Toronto. Many of the prices for housing are preposterous and I remind you it's only shelter.

The women will not say no to the extra money and the boost to the ego it gives them to command such prices. Maybe if there is a recession a correction will occur in this market like the housing market. Or hopefully if the hobby gets decriminalized the supply of women in this industry will increase and prices will deflate to a market equilibrium. Look at places in Europe like Holland or Spain or Germany where the women are equally hot if not hotter and prices are not as crazy.

Perhaps another reason for the higher prices over the years is that people are havi h less sex and with more civilian women not giving it up as easy as other countries, for a multitude of reasons, guys have to pay for play. The ones not as wealthy or good looking at least.
So the short answer to your question is yes there is a bubble in this market too. Has the quality increased sufficiently to justify the increase that's up to debate.
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Jun 13, 2017
Oh god this again.

You can always find SPs at lower rates. Stop whining and play within your budget like thousands of men do without complaint.


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Your criminals now, and they are not.C-36 changed many things. This is/was one of them. Zero doubt in my mind in 5 years the going rate will 4-5 bills an hour. I think your seeing more business minded women then ever before getting into the business, now that 3 bills and up is the norm no matter what you look like (physique, facial features etc).I liken it to the porn industry. More girls are doing porn then ever before, because with the various streams of income it's pretty lucrative …...and NO ONE is having to fuck" Ron Jeremys" anymore. I suspect more escorts then ever before are building a stable of cock based on looks, finances etc and kicking ugly, cheap men to the's what i'd do.

Jasmine Raine

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Jul 28, 2014
Oh god this again.

You can always find SPs at lower rates. Stop whining and play within your budget like thousands of men do without complaint.
You know!?!?!?!

Seriously. In this thread there is complaints about rates, availability, screening. All in one. Clearly these escorts that they are looking at are not in same league so move on and find some that are.

To the guys complaining - would you turn down more money from your job if your boss offered it? No. If you could work smaller hours at a better time of day that works for you, would you decline? No. If changing to a new job, and you could find out beforehand if the boss was a good guy who treated his employees right, check on lay off ratios, if the job is good at all, etc, would you not take the extra knowledge? Of course you would.

So why is it wrong for an escort, why can you guys get recommendations and reviews to know if an escort is ”worth” it but we can't check with other escorts if you are clean and respectful by asking for references???? Really???

Sorry but come on. If you can't afford a Lamborghini or Ferrari, do you bitch about that or buy a car you can afford? Think about it. No you don't. So why do you think it is ok when it comes to escorts. ”Give an average Joe a break” I would love to see you say that to any other company! LMAO

There are ladies in your price point, ladies who don't need screening if you don't like, ladies who work all hours of the day or night, so go to them and quit winning like little babies.


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Jan 8, 2010
Stick to the tried and true agencies or be a fool parted with your money! LOL

ps. there are some decent fair indies but if you're not known the screening makes it impossible.
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