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Buggy typing on iPhone


Feb 13, 2008
I've been struggling with typing replies and posts on my iPhone. I loooooove that we now have a mobile-responsive interface and up to date emojis, but actually typing is a challenge.

2 big things:

1. When you hit Return (Enter) to start a new line, it starts that new line without shift being automatically selected for a capital letter at the beginning. If you press Return again, it won't start a new line but will keep you on the same line with Shift selected. You need to hit return a third time to get a clean line of separation on your paragraph and then a fourth time to get an automatic shift selection :)

2. When you're deleting a word, when you delete the last letter of the word it will delete the letter and also the Space Bar before it that was dividing it from the last word. It's resulted in me accidentally combining a lot of words because I don't notice the space was deleted as well.
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