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Software Account for Finding Catchy Domain + Software Account for Finding Leads


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Mar 4, 2010
I am selling my software accounts for DomanKicks & LeadsDetective (which are sold together) for $100 USD. They are currently on sale for $997 USD.

LeadsDetective will help you find leads such as Yelp reviews with low ratings (good for reputation management services), finding Domains that are similar to a Domain owned by you or a Domain owner you are helping ( it is easier to sell a Domain to an owner of a similar but inferior Domain), lists of businesses in niches, and many other things.

DomainKicks helps you find available, but Catchy Domains at low prices. It also notifies you of Domains that are available right now (Live! Feature) and notifies you immediately when a registered Domain (that you are interested in) becomes available and unregistered (DreamList Feature).

You can view DomainKicks and LeadsDetective being successfully used in YouTube Videos (Type in DomainKicks, LeadsDetective or Mass Page Tools into the Youtube Search Engine.
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