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MPs in Niagara Falls


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Jun 2, 2003

I need some help! I'm gonna be going up to NF this weekend with a bunch of friends for my birthday. I've been up there many times but have never tried out any MPs there so I need some drastic help. I know about the SCs there but nothing about the MPs there. Any recommendation on who to see at what MPs? And adresses? phone #? Thanks!


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May 29, 2002
North America

Ralph Furly

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Sep 13, 2003

I wish I saw your post earlier and could have WARNED you about the MPs in Niagara Falls.

By far the most overpriced MPs in all of Ontario. I say this by comparing it to Greater Toronto Area MPs. I called and visited all the major MPs (Fascinations, Deja Vu, Oriental Spa, Victoria Studio). All of them wanted $40 DF except Oriental Spa which wanted $35 DF. That's just for the massage, RELEASE NOT INCLUDED!!! Tipping starts at $40 minimum which will only get you a HJ release!!! No touching and only you're nude. That's BS!!! No way will I ever pay $80 for a 30 minute massage with a fully dressed MPA who will only provide a HJ release. In Toronto you can go anywhere and get a massage and a HJ release from a very beautiful girl for $40. If you want to spend another $40 you can get a NR. Good luck getting that in NF for $40!!!

I even talked to Ally (an MPA from Deja Vu) about the high prices. She said it's because NF is a tourist city and a lot of people who come here don't mind spending that much money. I guess that makes sense. If you visit MPs very rarily then the one time you spend at least $80 is no big deal. But for a regular hobbiest $80 is way too much.

So, if anyone outside of NF plans to visit an MP in NF prepare to spend at least $80 CDN if you expect to get a release with your massage.

Happy hunting..........

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