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Sep 9, 2001
Heading to Barcelona in a month. Since I do not speak Spanish, incall may not be convenient. What is th outcall situation there? Are there any reputable agencies you could recommend?
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Jan 5, 2014
Okay, I am going to give you a list, but as was discussed in one of the Colombia threads, you aren’t getting off the hook that easy with respect to not getting a recommendation of what is best in the city.

Here are the three top-ranked escort services that offer outcall. Most also have an incall location that will save you a few bucks on the taxi charge they will hit you with.

Here are their review threads. You open these using the Google Chrome browser to read them in translated English.

They have mostly college girls who speak reasonable English. There are two American transplants who get excellent reviews and whose first language in English. Gabby is with Blue Velvet and Emily is with OK! Escorts. They both do their native country proud. I just know that Emily worked somewhere else before OK! Escorts, but I can’t remember the history. Gaby’s review is very recent but she is not on the Blue Velvet roster at the moment.

There is also a British girl at OK! Escorts, Sofia, who gets excellent reviews and speaks the British version of English.

Okay, now for the input you didn’t ask for. Outcall to your hotel for an hour is the most expensive option. If you are like most of us, you cease being able to cum twice in an hour by the second girl you see in the trip.

Vecinitas is incall only, but you can fuck a lot of girls at their incall for the price of one expensive outcall escort, if you book 30-45 minute sessions. All the Vecinitas girls are BBBJ and most are CIM. You can fuck, fuck, fuck by going to their place, do touristy things, go back to their place, do touristy things …. You get the idea. Girl in the morning, then late afternoon, then evening. If you are doing it so much that you don’t get fully erect enough to thrust for 10 minutes, then CIM still feels great. Toronto and even Montreal are too expensive to do that unless you are rich. And you still leave something on the table by not fully utilizing your hour in North America.

Vecinitas started out calling itself a Teen place. Spain is a tad more tolerant than North America with respect to that term, so don’t worry, all the girls are 18 plus. Over time, they have become more focused on the 18-29 age range with relatively more of them in the 25-29 range. The youngest ladies worldwide have not been as prevalent anywhere in the world the last few years. But the Vecinitas ladies are still on the younger side.

This is their blog with prices and daily picture Line-up.

Here is a translation of their introduction.

“Hello loves!!
We finally have a blog hehehe Here we can inform you daily of the little princesses available and all the news!! As well as having a more direct contact with all of you, who already know how much we like it!!
she bouncing

For those of you who don't know us , we are Vecinitas Bcn , an agency of beautiful escorts with a flat located at Diagonal 34X (corner of Girona), where the girls will make you enjoy good moments of pleasure, since they are all beautiful and the service and the attention is incredible so that you feel comfortable at all times!

all the girlsThey offer a complete relationship with girlfriend treatment, which will make every moment of the date perfect, kisses with tongue, sweet and passionate and bareback blowjob until the end, you can end up in the mouth!!
Some also offer duplex and lesbian and they love it hehehe So don't hesitate to ask to live that fantasy with the prettiest neighbors hehehehe

You can find us from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. at 10pm!!

Our phone is 631721578, we answer calls, whatsapp and telegram!! We do not serve hidden or landline numbers.
To know the availability of the Vecinitas you can find them in the WhatsApp states or in our Telegram channel Https://
You can also visit our website

We are waiting for you!!

30 minutes €70
45 minutes €100
1 hour €120
2 hours €220

End of translation.

You access their services by communicating with them via WhatsApp. Each lady has her own number in addition to that main number. Honestly, most of the time a booker is handling all the phones. If you don’t get a response, send your message to another number.

You should use Google Translate to send your WhatsApp message in Spanish, and translate their response back to English. They can tell you which ladies speak the best English. They used to have an amazing Japanese/Brazilian girl who went to high school in Texas, but she has moved on to her next stop. She would message people back in English when necessary. But keep in mind that you are in Spain, so a bit of effort electronically to communicate in Spanish is often necessary.

They don’t publish their exact address online because they can’t. But the building is right next to the street corner they provide online. It is just like incall in North America. Christ, we don’t put that information on merb or Terb either. You make an appointment with a specific girl, you arrive at the street intersection five minutes before, they WhatsApp message you the building number with street name, the building door code, and the apartment number. You take the elevator up to the floor. That is easier. If the apartment number is say 399 in a Spanish building you push three on the elevator. But if you take the stairs, you have to remember that the ground floor there is zero. So you get confused if they don’t put number on the stairwell.

Trust me, you can do incall at Vecinitas if you have a smartphone with WhatsApp and an internet browser where you can copy and paste WhatsApp messages into the Google Translate webpage on that browser. If I can do it, anyone can do it. You can practice by introducing yourself to them via a WhatsApp message letting them know what dates you will be in the city, and ask them which current ladies speak the best English.
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Nov 28, 2006
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