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Jan 27, 2004
Hey Ottawa-

Long time lurker on this board. Have seen so many of the escorts in Ottawa over the years, that I don't know where to begin. So many names have changed, but the girls are the same. In terms of the best girls I have seen:

Shannon (crazy fuck doll who craved cock)
Carrie Moon (sensual service that definitely had a time and place)

In terms of the bad ones, I have seen soo many I should be able to provide names, but I also try to retain as little information about them as possible. Most of them are listed on this forum somewhere or another. I can’t believe the money wasted on these ones, but as many of you can empathize, the heads in the pants wins over the head on the shoulders in many a situation.

I definitely remember the weight machine @ the biker babe's place on HC and Uplands, but I too never hung an article of clothing on the damn thing, but the service was identical to what was mentioned here.

There was also an apt. building on Maisonneuve in Hull (Summer of 1999/2000 I think). There were some nice young ladies there that like to get it on. I am a fairly young guy, so this was the right fit for me (titty banging, crazy blowjobs, pearl necklaces, all that fun stuff).

There was also a big-titted (you can sense my preferences) girl that worked with Lisa (or whatever her name is) on Carling near Capone's BBuster. She had huge cans, former stripper and I loved every minute of it, she (or her AD) has since disappeared.

I also remember this HUGE titted girl that wound up in the odd rub-and-tug (last time I saw her was that little place next to the Winks on Richmond Rd.). Biggest boobs I have ever seen, with a killer body. Her FS was pricey, but I tried it anyway. Everytime after that was only the nude release with a little tit-banging.

There was also the short curlly haired brunette nympho who always bragged about her g/f. You could eat her pussy all day, and she sucked a mean dick. She would go for facials too which was a nice YMMV treat. She worked out of that run down motel on Richmond Rd across from Whisper’s.

I will post more info later.
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