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LL Lauren 6382, BP Hailey, Michelle 0552


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Oct 28, 2022
Good day gents, interfaced with this one as Lauren on LL. She has ads on BP as listed above. BP posts warnings not to pay in advance. She is gorgeous. She teased me all week & reeled me in & when the time came not available. Lesson learned. Stay away from this one. IMG_0751.jpeg IMG_0746.jpeg IMG_0732.jpeg


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Jul 9, 2017
You know, I posted about this sort of thing a few weeks back and the reply from some quarters was "do your research", which in my estimation is about as helpful as saying
don't eat cactus AFTER you've eaten a cactus. :rolleyes: I'm sorry you got fooled. Sometimes we want a thing to be real so badly that we allow ourselves to be blinded by it.
I don't do etransfers or deposits for EXACTLY this reason. My advice; look up some of the ladies that are reliable on here. There are some real gems. And don't be so hard on yourself, the fact you were scammed speaks more to the sacks of shit who scammed you than it does to you.
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