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Liberals judicial emasculation bill tabled


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Aug 23, 2001
It's not going to change the way 90%+ of the judges think, decide and act. Judges have pretty strong personalities. The other 10% probably actually need the training.

There was a judge in Halifax who refused to convict ANYONE of sexual assault. In one outrageous case, he refused to convict an Uber driver who raped a woman who had passed out drunk in his vehicle. Eye witnesses found him humping the unconscious woman, but the judge acquitted the accused and said the woman "probably consented while she was still awake".

THAT'S the sort of judge who actually benefits from the training.

I've met plenty of judges who were "feminists" back in law school in the 70's. 40 years later, they've settled down and they try each case on its facts. There's nothing like 40 years of hands on experience to wash away most of your university politics and make you realize each person and each fact situation is different.
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