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Kandice at ALO


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Aug 10, 2018
When I arrived and saw Kandice for the first time my heart nearly stopped. She greeted me at the door the way you dream your loved one would greet you when you arrive home after a along trip abroad.

This is a beautiful woman whose personality is bubbly and exciting. One hour of absolute focus on you. Kandice is absolutely charming and exhilarating. Her conversation skills are outstanding. You couldn’t possibly be more comfortable around her.

If you see her pictures you will see how visually appealing she is. It is more than that however. Every sense of yours will be heightened during your time with her. Her sounds, her voice, her whisper still captivate my thoughts. She is intoxicating.

Her touch! Can’t describe it but it must be experienced.

Her massage and slide skills are great. She is incredibly talented.

Highly recommended.


Jan 29, 2009
Kandice is exactly what you need for GFE-MA.
Worldly and smart in conversation; a sweet yummy treat to kiss; a wonder to have such a beautiful firm naked body to bodyslide all over you.
Time with her is made awesome as she thoughtfully adds all the little details like checking in on the firmness, whispering sweetness into your ear, dotting your body with tender little kisses.

Her massage skills is one of (if not) the best currently in the industry!
Ask for it firm - she loves giving it that way and boy are you in for a treat...
She can work out all that stress, tension, and knots. She utilizes all portions of her body, at all different angles (so many exciting views), and the pressure is absolutely perfect.
If you are a fan of bodyslides, then Kandice should be on your list.
If you are into getting an excellent RMT style massage, Kandice should be on your list.
If you are into having a great MA experience, Kandice should be on your list.

Definite repeat.