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Jessica Dark - Massage Review


New member
Jun 23, 2011
Before Christmas I had the opportunity to set up a 1 hour massage with Jessica. She is local to the Waterloo region and offers incalls at a clean residence with ample parking and in a discrete and easy to access neighborhood.

Communication was great throughout by phone and text. Always a prompt and polite reply. She has a great website that really does a good job explaining her rates and services and has pictures of herself as well.

Pics were accurate as were all her services. When I arrived I was greated with a hug and by Jessica who was dressed up as per my request and did a great job. Be sure to communicate with her if you have any clothing or position requests as she really thrives on making it an enjoyable time for you.

Up to her room with the massage table. Nice and sturdy table in a nice and clean room with high end massage lotion and clean sheets. I stayed for an hour upgraded to include a facial as well which she seemed comfortable with.

She started with a nice firm massage on my backside and would spend extra time on those tight areas. She really know what she is doing!

On flip she had some great techniques and was very enjoyable as well. Always helping to clean up and kept a smile on both of our faces. She seemed to enjoy our time as were able to get off 3 rounds

After that I was off to the shower in a nice washroom with a fancy shower head to clean up. Then a hug good bye concluded our session.

If you guys like massage and are in the KW area be sure to check her out. She really has lots of options and prides herself on making sure the client enjoys his time!

Her website is

Be sure to check it out!


New member
Nov 2, 2011
I agree. Jess is a sweetie and has some very skilled hands. Some SPs who have spent a long time in the industry don't know their way around a cock as well as she does.
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