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Experience with masseuses Santiago de Chile


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Sep 27, 2023
I have been looking for a date with a lady in Santiago de Chile for days, the city has 32 communes and a lot of activity of women who offer massage services or who accompany in motels or at home, but I have already been trying to coordinate an appointment for days and it has been difficult for me.

I was looking for direct dates with a woman who has room and is available to share a bed, at first I searched on Tinder, I met 2 girls, one of them was mature, the other was about 24 years old, but it was difficult for me to take them to the bed, I think they were both looking for a relationship that would take them from restaurant to restaurant, but they were not looking for a relationship, so I looked on classified ad portals where girls are looking for more direct relationships, without being boyfriends.

The experience was like this

On Monday, I contacted 2 women, the first had the typical advertisement that she is a beast in bed, affectionate, daring, and ends her publication with a message, call me, but when I tried to call her she did not answer. Then I wrote to her and she answered me, I asked her to call her to hear her voice and she didn't give me a response, then a co-worker told me that appointments like that are not trustworthy, so I didn't continue contacting her.

Tuesday, I got a response from a girl, but she asked me for money before going to the place to move, maybe if I hadn't talked to my friend on Monday I would have transferred the money, but my friend told me that advances are a sign of a scam, If I transferred her to Uber or another service, she was not going to go, because she only seeks to accumulate the greatest number of transfers.

Wednesday, I didn't look for services or ads for girls, I went to a place called Igazu, it's what they call in Santiago, a café with legs, which are places where they sell coffee, beer and products to eat and share in a pleasant atmosphere, the girls wear short clothes, I am very beautiful and affectionate, and yes, they look for tips, if you are solvent with one of them, the girl may sit with you, and maybe you even get a date, but I had no luck, the girl with whom I had more connection, after the tips she told me that I wasn't going to be able to go out that night, that I could look for her tomorrow, I thought about going, but I wasn't going to leave more tips without results, because it went the same as with Tinder.

Thursday, this day I had results, I contacted a girl named Nicoll, this is her ad, the lady publishes ads in Peñalolen, but she says that she has an apartment in the center, I went with her and she gave me a massage experience and she told me that she was available for outings, so I thought I would go with her if I didn't know another girl to go dancing the weekend, but for the weekend I wanted to share with a girl who lives near the apartment I rented who is looking for conversation with me more frequently.


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Jan 5, 2014
Thanks for the tip on Nicoll.

Chile is one of the worst countries in the world for our activity.

It was the only international trip I ever took that I came back regretting.

The mistake I made was to try the escort scene, and I think you are making a mistake with tge massage scene.

The country tolerates the Cofee With Legs scene. Most of the reports indicate that the oral is covered, but every once in a while guys get BBBJ with CFS.

The areas that the sex occurs are often closer type areas. You can read this thread to get the best locations.

And you do get coffee, which is usually good in South America. Although the Chileans do manage to fuck everything up, like putting mayo on hot dogs.

Just lower your expectations and go to the cofee with legs places and hope for best.
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