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Jan 31, 2018
Visiting from Toronto, Emilia was here for the whole week, so I decided to take the opportunity to try her out.
Emilia was easy to reach by text, responded within minutes, and it was easy to set up a session at her incall. This was a small but well-appointed and scrupulously clean apartment in centretown. Parking was available and free on the neighboring streets.
She's a super-curvy young woman, and everyone can be assured that the pictures in her ads are definitely her, though a pound or two may have been gained since some of them were taken. She met me at the door with a passionate kiss, and in fact the kissing rarely stopped throughout the session, so those who enjoy this will not be disappointed.
Details of the session? I don't like to provide much detail, but I can say that everything noted in her ads was delivered with passion, enthusiasm and verve. Mileage may vary, as always, but I certainly found her an outgoing and responsive partner. I must mention as well, that she introduced me to the use of the "female condom" which felt just beautiful and so natural compared to the traditional male condom. Her fee was reasonable for the services provided, and worth every cent as far as I'm concerned.
She leaves tomorrow for Montreal, but we may see her again in a month or so. I'll certainly be at her door (budget permitting).
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