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Ashley - 4892 - Scam?


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Mar 13, 2015
Announcement to all,

Tried to book with this chick and she was sketchy as hell.

The only thing she knew how to respond with was that she needed an eTransfer to book the appointment.

Honestly, I couldn't even get her to tell me how much or how much her time was worth to her.

End of the day, avoid unless I'm wrong in which case please tell me.

I told her the sketch was beyond compare and needed some serious review if she's in an area so known for catfishing and scamming.

Halton region is a nightmare for this now.

I've walked out of at least a half dozen incall appointments because the chick that opened the door was definitely not at all the chick from the pictures. The last one, a solid ham-demon, told me she understood. Honestly, how bad has this become that I'm posting this crap? Who "understands"?! Just post who you are. If your chunky ass wouldn't attract anyone then find another line of work or hit the gym.

All of us earn our money and spend that hard earned money on what we want, so let's all start calling out the bullshitters.

In town for a while, calling it like it is.

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