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Jul 4, 2007
I know Amy has been reviewed many times before and another review is probably not necessary, but I'm going to do it anyway. It's not my first review of her and it probably won't be the last either.
Saw that she was doing incall in Whitby today so I text her and got an immediate reply. I text back asking what you going to do to me if I come over. I didn't get one naughty text back from her, but two. With that I was on my way over to see her.
Had a little time before I was to be there so I stopped at Walmart to pick something up. When I get to her room she laughs and asks what I have behind my back. I tell her she should be naked so she complies with my request. Her clothes barely hit the floor and I covered those beautiful tits with whipped cream. Then I buried my face between them and had my mouth all over them. There was whipped cream all over my face, her tits, on my shirt, and some on the floor. Amy was surprised by the attack but it turned her on. Next she lay on the bed and I covered her pussy with whipped cream and dove in. By the noises she was making she was enjoying what I was doing. Then It was my turn. Amy started sucking on me then moved into a 69 position. We continued like this for a bit then headed into the shower to get the sticky whipped cream washed off and once we were washed up, Amy drops to her knees and finishes me off.
Not sure how long I was there but as always, Amy never watches the clock nor has she ever disappointed. What a great way to end the afternoon. Thank you Amy. :biggrin1:
Ashley Madison