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  • BTW - I am now in possession of an Ipad. That means I can fuck some dumb meat-bag, and then after my appointment, wander from coffee shop to coffee shop, to hotel room lobby to restaurant to virtually anywhere downtown, or maybe near the airport, or maybe Markham and Scarborough, maybe Brampton or Oakville, collecting tons of profiles...

    Because you know I like to fuck dirty little STD sluts, and I hear you, Fred Zed, are the most dirty, fucking, filthy, ugly piece of slut shit in Toronto.

    ... and now Batman57 is gonna FUCK you.

    Please ban me. Please stop me. Please DESTROY your web traffic and stop people from logging in, because YOU, not me, is the one DESTROYING your fucking BORED.

    Or let me in, and spread wide, because I’m cumming for you real hard, dropping thick loads deep into your juicy web server.

    I’m so excited, I’m having the hardest erection I’ve had in months.

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