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  • I can't reply to you by email right now, because I can only send 2 messages every 5 minutes. but I get your email now. I had to go back to the thread and read it. lol, I made that number up.
    sorry didn't see your chat message until after you logged off ... didn't mean to be rude ; )
    Hi baby!
    Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. Im in town for the next few weeks. Msg me if you wanna play!

    Hey Buddy

    Been awhile. How's life treating you? Hope all is well, or at least close enough to fake it.
    Best Wishes for the holidays.

    Hi Artman,
    What's shakin? Tell me a lil about yourself, what you like to do for fun (aside from fuckin of course) and perhaps we can meet casullay for a guinness, beer, whatever. (No charge of course)

    Hope you're having a great week!

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