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Thread: Playmates Dancers

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    can you describe Skylar

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    A typical (I guess) Wednesday afternoon (8/15) at the PM (though I didn't notice the buffet - maybe I arrived after it was cleared). Not really busy, but there were several patrons present during the time I was there and fairly steady traffic to the CR.

    Noticed Ashley (as ever), Riley, Rachel, CiCi, Lana, Corrina, Mia (looking exceptionally cute and curvy) and Delicious. As well there were a number of other ladies less familiar to me (Skylar? Hailey?).

    There seemed to be quite a number of dancers getting into civvies and exiting the club briefly, though this is often the case at the 'Mate.

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    I was there on Wednesday afternoon. Candy, Delicious, Lana and Adora were the girls I know the names of.

    The manager wasn't checking on the CR too much.

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