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Y'all gotta support Brooke! She is truly amazing with skills that will one day impress her 5 year old daughter who she had living out of suitcase inside an old man's spare bedroom as her fucking sugar daddy!!

As the father of this little girl who willingly offered to pay full child support, daycare expenses and everything else related, wasn't good enough for her.

My little girl deserves better than this.
Please stop supporting a woman who only cares about herself, will lie, cheat, destroy families and crush the soul of anyone who cares about her just because the grass is always greener on the other side. No 5 year old little girl deserves a mother who selfishly puts her own selfish needs as a priority.
MONICA.. morning, am not a big fan of hers, but she will do in a pinch for me.. is she back at the house on Kent St. i think it was ? am only cpl blocks from where she was. $100 can t go wrong.
She’s on Byron st, and yes at the back of the house. She’s very close to me and I will try again in a month or two to see if she’s improved. BJ was a bit mechanical was again, for $100 with FS including cim, it’s a pretty good deal! 😀
Just updated a few thing's on My Tryst profile:

Have a look.;)
Hi are you Camilla? LOL. I hope you realize I am not your friends brother, xoxo Jim
Bonjour Alexa. Your new pictures are incroyable mon petite chou. Going to do my best to see you again. Missed you on your last visit as I was travelling. Hope you have been keeping yourself rested and ready for your trip. Besous Robert
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