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    The Ottawa GFE MAs (list, votes and reviews)

    Hi rick, if you had to pick 1🤔, cheers
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    Rada is back ! :)

    Who is Olivia ? Cheers
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    ALO Group

    I spent some time with Lexi on the weekend , she provides a great service and very open mInded. I think I may have found my new Mie Ling 😊
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    Lany at/ps

    Anybody spent any time with lany, and how was the service? Cheers.
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    Asia Brass Club

    Bbbj, she also brings toys 350.00 for the hour.
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    Brigit Woods OIC - Afternoon Delight

    I would love to hear a bit more. Ive booked with her for this weekend . Cheers
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    April from the brass club

    That she is 😊 thanks for the info.
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    April from the brass club

    Yep i saw for the ma services and she was great. I do like a bit of the dirty talk😊 the hourly rate is a bit steep but it includes everything but she doesn’t say what everything is when i asked her. Fuck it maybe i will toft,ill let you know. Cheers