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    Kodi builds

    I also have Nvidia shield, how do I get Starchoice IPTV ? Is it from Google Playstore? thanks.
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    Kodi builds

    Is it better to put a brand new build on your box or to put individual Addons ? Thanks.
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    Kodi builds

    I do It and works fine with me. Do you have something better that you are using ???? thanks.
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    Kodi builds

    What are the best kodi builds that have the best adult Addons ? Thanks.
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    Condom Advice

    Hi guys, I hope everybody is staying safe in these crazy times. So my problem is that I have more GIRTH than LENGTH, so when I go see a SP the condom for the most part is to tight for me so I just end up with getting BBBJ which I don't mind. Which condom size should I get for my GIRTH ? thanks...
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    Former American here, 2020 America Is A Fucking Disgrace.

    There is a orange jump suite waiting for Trump to match is hair once he becomes a private citizen. Somebody described Trump as a three year old child on steroids.
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    Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    I Hope he wins so I can see Donald Trump head explode !!!!!
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    home made lasagna

    Where can I buy authentic home made lasagna ? the one's they sell at the grocery stores just don't cut it. any suggestions please. :) thanks.
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    TV Shows to watch

    I just started watching Yellowstone great show.
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    Car Insurance

    I am looking for car insurance. do you have any good companies that you can recommend ? thanks :)
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    Thank you !!! I will try it I hope it works.
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    Hi Guys, Is there a easy way to update Kodi? Write now i am using Leia 8.4 version. thanks.
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    Trump and Covid-19

    Trump supports are all a bunch of crazies. you can't teach stupid your just born that way. case and point.
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    The Greg Carrasco show

    Thank You !!!
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    The Greg Carrasco show