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Thread: Courtney on LL

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    Courtney on LL

    So I TOFTT.

    She's the girl in the pics, young and very cute. She's also quite sweet. But - and you felt a but coming, didn't you? - I won't be returning. She offers either a 15 min for $100 or a $150 hh. I took the latter. She was very concerned about me being on time and kept texting to make sure I was en route and wouldn't be late. I was on time and so was she. She was nice upon arrival and got right down to business. And therein was the problem. She was too damn efficient. The moment we finished FS she jumped up and got dressed and handed me a wipe. I enjoyed chatting with her and all but the implication was obvious. My time was up, though it wasn't. So take what you will from that. She's cute and young, and plays well during the fun, but the bubble bursted too suddenly for my return.

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    Glad to hear she is real as ive wanted to see her for a couple weeks now. Great review and thanks!

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    Wow she is a stunner - thanks for the review.

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    Thanks for the review. What about the services?

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    Where was services received? Residential? Hotel?

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    DFK, BBJ start then raincoat, FS in residence

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    Thanks for the review! It's a mark of experience and professionalism when I see proper aftercare, but damn she's so hot and looks younger than most of the girls I've seen.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I too got a load of restrictions last week when I texted. Decided against it due to her young age. I prefer older.

    Good luck out there people.

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