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    I tried a couple times to set something up. Gave up after having to wait multiple hours between texts.
    Think it's a private place hopefully someone has or will TOFTT.

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    I tried to see her but halfway to her house she texted and said she was going out for lunch and I'd have to wait an hour, I turned around and went back home.....but her pictures are driving me

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    Read the comments on the link should give you some info if you want to see her or not. IF I was interested I'd approach with some caution.


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    I have read the comments, I was hoping for a review from someone who has seen her....

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    So no one has seen her??

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    264 views and no one has anything to share???

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    LOL, I have seen her.

    Stays in an absolute pig sty of a place shared with others, looks to me like a druggie den. Definitely felt very nervous.

    She is pleasant, but appearance wise - well, 'hag' would be the most fitting moniker I suppose. She is probably in her 50s - she has false teeth! But damn it, she did give a good BJ!

    You will NOT be pleasantly surprised at her appearance. And I don't say that meanly, she is pleasant enough.

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    Thank you.....what are her breasts like?? Are they big?? Would they be good for some russian and pearls??

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