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Thread: 💜 Roxxxie Rocks 💜 Delicious Debauchery 💦 Final Chance For New Clients to Apply!!!

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    💜 Roxxxie Rocks 💜 Delicious Debauchery 💦 Final Chance For New Clients to Apply!!!

    [email protected]

    As of April 1st, 2019, I will no longer be accepting new clients. Prebook a date with me before the end of the month and avoid disappointment for a lifetime! Only prebooked and pre-screened clients may continue to contact and visit me. xo

    I provide a saucy and unique GFE service.
    Whether you're looking to get lost in my embrace for a brief moment, enjoy a meal while I fascinate and delight you, or explore your deepest fantasies for hours on end, look no further -- you've just found your pixie dream girl.

    36B, 26, 38
    piercing green eyes, soft skin, iconic pixie cut hair
    a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, a whole lot of shenanigans

    $300 - HR
    $450 - 1.5HR
    $600 - 2HR
    $800 - 3HR
    *duos available - please contact me for my list of partners*

    For first time bookings, I require:
    Name and email address or phone number
    Date and time of requested booking
    A reference from a provider you've seen recently and/or your TERB or Twitter handle

    *all dates must be prebooked at least 24hr in advance
    *accepting dates from 1pm-1am

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    Limited availability for the remainder of the month! Prebook to avoid disappointment xo

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    Prebooking now for Dec 27-29 xx

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    Bump it up

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    Come and get your love

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    Bump it, bump it real good

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    Hey boo hey

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    Booking for January 2019 is underway!! xo

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    Bump it good and hard

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    Prebooking for first week of January xo

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    Come getcha some xx

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    Does anyone read the bump replies?

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    Coming out of my cage
    and I've been doing just fine

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    Gotta gotta be down
    Because I want it all

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    It started out with a kiss
    How did it end up like this?

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    It was only a kiss,
    It was only a kiss

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    Now I'm falling asleep
    And she's calling a cab

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    While he's having a smoke
    And she's taking a drag

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    Now they're going to bed
    And my stomach is sick

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    And it's all in my head
    But she's touching his chest now

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    He takes off her dress now
    Let me go

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    I just can't look, it's killing me
    And taking control

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    Jealousy, turning saints into the sea

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    Swimming through sick lullabies

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