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Thread: Bitcoin billionaires

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiroden View Post
    I think it is cool to collect so many bitcoins...maybe need to start mining them, what do you think about it? It is not so difficult as I know. Only need to buy good GPU for mining and start to get passive income
    If you ask me, it is already too late to start mining them because of the dramatic price increase for GPU cards. Though there are plenty of other ways you can get your hands on bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Personally I use cloud mining while using hashflare promo codes for some juicy discounts. Pretty sure it is one of the most reasonable methods to mine nowadays so I highly encourage you to try it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wbh32 View Post
    No. For many reasons. Credit report transactions don't need instant turn around so you can mine off peak, plus the volume of transactions is much less than currency transactions....just to name a couple.
    so in other words, it's as much electricity to achieve just one orgasm as opposed to 10 orgasms via 45 watts vibrator X 10 transactions. If this can reduce human error and stagnate employment claims, then perhaps this be a better alternative

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    Guys I swear I have bitcoin in one of my bitcoin wallets - but Ive forgotten the password to the wallet and cant even get into it.

    Is bitcoin really worth that much guys? I didn't believe it when I heard it.



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    I may make a small investment and see what happens.. was at the wealth expo and the guy said one day it can be 7k, the other 17, and then back to zero.... (it's not regulated much, so that's kind of worrisome?)

    I tried to pay my hotel cash the other day upon check out and they wouldn't accept... which was weird. It's going to be interesting for workers if we do actually move towards a completely cashless system- which I hope not.

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    Saw a story a few weeks ago about a restaurant downtown Toronto who was starting to take bitcoin as payment. Reporter asked the owner.. "aren't you afraid that the payment you took will be worthless and you will lose your moey?". Store owner repsonded that the next morning Bitcoin value went up so in fact he 'made' money!

    My take on the story? Guess what? This guy just took an alternate form of payment that could not be traced by CRA! Hmmmmm..... have I seen something like this before? Oh yes! I have ! It was called the 'Barter Network' back in t the 80's!! People would barter goods and services and account for their purchase/sales through a company set up to mamage the 'barter network'. Guess what? CRA stepped in and it came crashing down! Same thing will happen with Bitcoin. Eventually when it becomes so pervasive that the government feels that they are losing significant revenue, it will be game over folks !!

    On the other hand, being a prepper I would NEVER put my assets into something that requires electricity and the internet!! Yes, I may have 'investments' but that is all RRSP and pension momey. Once I am of age that I can pull that money out... OUT IT COMES BABY !!

    I was (un)fortunate to be in Europe 3 years ago when the financial world shut down in this little country called Greece. Guess what happened? NOBODY could get their money! Now you may say that will never happen here but you are a fool to thing that because it has happened 3 times in the last 100 years here in Canada/USA. Just like when the government stepped in ( a couple times over the last 100 years) and made it ILLEGAL to own GOLD!! Yes it has happened here folks and a simple google search will uncover these facts.

    Then we have something that very few people have seen/realized though it just happened recently to Turkey. Called a bank 'bail'in' . You've all heard about 'bail-outs'. Anyone know what a 'bail-in' is? That's when the government steps and and says 'hey good citizen, that $700,000 you have int he bank? well now you have $100,000 because we are appropriating the rest of it!" . You think I 'm shitting you? Read online what happened to banks in Turkey in 2016!

    So if I can't touch it, it's not mine ! Anything electronic or on paper is dust in the wind my friends! If you can convert it to hard cash, silver, gold, platinum (I would have said diamonds but now that they are making even better diamonds in the lab then are being naturally produced, that market is on it's way out too), then it's still just wealth on paper and will mean nothing during the next blackout! The only things that the banks have of mine is my debt!!!
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    Bitcoins are about to collapse. Good luck to the investors who bought them late in the game when they were thousands or ten of thousands USD dollars per coin. If you bought them when the Bitcoins were just ten or hundreds USD dollar per coin, then you may still doing well by selling them now because they will sink down further.

    "Bitcoin Drops to $5,860, Lowest since October 2017. True Believers with Fake Hopes Got Cleaned Out by Early Movers"

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