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Q1: What is SM Status? 
Q2: Why would anyone want SM Status?
Q3: How Do I Get Status?
Q4: How Do I know if I have SM status?
Q5: How Do I get an Avatar?
Q6: How Do I upload an Avatar?
Q7: I am trying to upload an Avatar and it wont work WTF?
Q8: How Do I advertise Here?
Q9: Why am I banned?

Α-1 SM Status means "Supporting Member"
Α-2 SM status is for those who want to advertise on the board and or support the community
Α-3 If you want SM status You can go to the → Advertising Page.
Α-4 Avatars are for SM's (Supporting Members)
Α-5 You know you have SM status when you username appears in Bold and RED:
Registered User → Does not have SM status can not advertise.
SM User → has SM status and can advertise.
Step 1: go to your profile page
Step 2: click EDIT pencil
Step 3: click Edit Avatar
    (50x50px Max)
Now Avatar will show on your posts
Allow up to 30 mins for default avatar to leave cache

Α-7 Please make sure of the following before attempting to upload and Avatar:
 • Avatar is .jpg file
 • You have SM status
 • Image is not greater than 50px wide and 50px long

Α-8 You can go to the → Advertising Page.
Α-9 We have to ban users who do not comply with board regulations such as:
 • Posting advertising/contact information without SM status
 • Inappropriate posting and other violations
 • Under age users are strictly prohibited from membership in this community

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