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Q1: What is SM Status? 
Q2: Why would anyone want SM Status?
Q3: How Do I Get Status?
Q4: How Do I know if I have SM status
Q5: How Do I get an Avatar?
Q6: How Do I upload an Avatar
Q7: I am trying to upload an Avatar and it wont work WTF?
Q8: How Do I advertise Here?
Q9: How Do I email money payment
Q10: Why am I banned?

Α-1 SM Status means "Supporting Member"
Α-2 SM status is for those who want to advertise on the board and or support the community
Α-3 If you want SM status You can go to the → Advertising Page.
Α-4 Avatars are for SM's (Supporting Members)
Α-5 You know you have SM status when you username appears in Bold and Blue:
Registered User → Does not have SM status can not advertise.
SM User → has SM status and can advertise.
Step 1: go to your profile page
Step 2: click EDIT pencil
Step 3: click Edit Avatar
    (50x50px Max)
Now Avatar will show on your posts
Allow up to 30 mins for default avatar to leave cache

Α-7 Please make sure of the following before attempting to upload and Avatar:
 • Avatar is .jpg file
 • You have SM status
 • Image is not greater than 50px wide and 50px long

Α-8 You can go to the → Advertising Page.
Α-9 If you do online banking you can instantly send money to anyone with an email address.

NOTE: Email Interac will as you for PAYEE and password. This can be anything you wish for example:
Payee: Fred
Password: iPhone

There is an optional message you can just leave it blank. But do send an email to payee indicating the password and the account username which is being paid.

Further Instructions can be found here.
Α-10 We have to ban users who do not comply with board regulations such as:
 • Posting advertising/contact information without SM status
 • Inappropriate posting and other violations
 • Under age users are strictly prohibited from membership in this community

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