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Has anyone seen Amanda @ Select Company?
musky guy
been wondering about her to not much info. from what ive seen pics are accurate but not much on services she has been around for years wondering if guys are keeping her to herself
Hey guys, mark your Calandars, Me and Kitty are going to be in Ottawa July 21st until the 24th. Look forward to coming back home for the weekend.
Hanlan’s 2022, this year what is the vibe ?. I have seen some beautiful nudist ladies , (I am also a fellow nudist) in previous years but this seems to be getting few and far between. What I don’t like is the increasing influx of textiles and don’t really understand why they would want to hang out on a clothing optional beach to the extent they do.
Hey Sunny,
Saw your post on Sonia@DD where you spoke about other DDG EI’s. Who would be your tile fee EI’s in this business around GTA?

Dane, Ive been on Ozempic for the last six weeks, here are my results. So far I've dropped 8 lbs, what normal lunch once was I cannot finish now. The endocrinologist put me on the electronic arm scanner, Ive been told to scan frequently. The finger prick method is still more accurate, that's how I take my morning blood glucose reading. I've been below 5 consistently for the past week.