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Where to buy Electronics (TV)?


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I find myself suddenly in need of a new tv (tragic accident).

Where are your favorite places to shop for this? Anyplace have especially good deals or particularly negotiable staff?

I am in Toronto, but a short drive might be worth the effort.
Dont buy a large screen, I had a 52 inch RCA and it only lasted 7 years before it conked out on me. I hear SONY has the best TV's and your cheapest place would be Future Shop or a similar store like that.


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Jan 10, 2002
Do you have Best Buy in YYZ?



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Jan 18, 2004
Between here and there.
TVs for the masses.

Unless you're looking for the very high end TV sets, a number of the popular chains should have what you're looking at a reasonable price. Try Future Shop, Best Buy, 2001 and Costco.
Sheik said:
customer service is non existant at future shop and costco.... buying from them is a mistake.
I agree with Sheik on the customer service part but they do have some of the best prices around at FS. So if you dont care about salespeople that make you feel like you're interrupting their day then by all means try FS or Costco.


Mar 9, 2003
Richmond Hill
I personally hate Future Shop myself, Best Buy is a good place to start (even though FS is owned by Best Buy now) You can always check with Costco to see what they carry and get the cheaper price and have Best Buy beat it by 10% - which they'll do, although it does take some strong arming sometimes.


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Dec 13, 2002
Best Buy & Future Shop are great places to buy from b/c of their return policy. As for customer service, these are the worst places. The best thing to do is to research ahead of time and read consumer reviews, go into the store and buy the tv you want. The salesmen don't know anymore than what the basic product brochure specs say.
Sheik said:
Yes Best Buy....

Stay away from Future Shop.

Check your pm....
Unfortunately they are both the same stores (Twins). I agree with most that future shop is bad for customer service. They try to up sell you on something that you really don't want. One thing to stay away from is the extended warranty. It is not worth it with them and they just make more money off you. Research what you are looking for first online and them go in the store and see what they have avaliable.


More Than U Want Me to Be
Thank you

Thank you all for the input. I actually know exactly what I want (of two possibles) and was just looking for price point.

BTW jh, not my fist: the head of a rude and uppity client. Such a waste of a good tv.


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Dec 19, 2001
The number one thing to be aware of when you buy a TV is... who is servicing it. Places like the brick and future shop tend to try to control the service... and are watching their bottom line (and may not offer things like in home repair... which for something like a 200lb TV can be a major factor). I will never take a warranty from someone other than the manufacturer... the risks of getting screwed on service go up dramatically IMHO.


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Jan 20, 2004
Never ever ever ever ever ever ever buy the extended warranty from the sales man at Future Shop or Best Buy.... it really is worth less then the paper its on. remember he will make more money on selling the extended warranty then the TV itself. If you really want an extended warranty you can always buy or after the fact from the manufacture for LESS money.

Want more info check out

Best buy is quick to say there sales people don't make commission, this is true. They make different levels of "bonus" for the Warranties they sell.

Will E. Wanker

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Aug 15, 2002
johnnyhandsome said:
Oh, what an obvious shill :)
Johnny - Everyone in the know knows that G & G is the best place in the city (put in this way - in the Country) outside of buying it directly from Sony of Canada Ltd. themselves. Sony employees even send their relatives and friends there to purchase products.
Often close-outs and year-end models go directly there as to not disrupt regular distribution.

The place has more cops hanging around there outside of donut shops as most of them buy there as well.

They are the largest Sony dealer in the Country (single location).
Ask for Gary or Gerry - tell them a friend sent you.

I am not a shill - just someone who knows.
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