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Sabrinas and Edens


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Apr 30, 2004
I just moved from Toronto to Waterloo and am just becoming familiar with this city.

I have a question for everyone. What is Sabrinas and Edens? and where can I find them? I tried reading all of the earlier posts but could not figure it out.


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Jun 9, 2003

A warning, Kitchener's finest LE is actively investigating Eden's and Sabrina's. They are recording licence plates and tapping the phone, and sending in undercovers. Apparently one of the considered "regulars" is a cop. I contacted my informant on the inside and he has told me what's going on. Apparently one of the girls thats has work for both agencies (wonder who that is) has a family member on city counsel and they are out for blood.
They know that the location has changed and that hasn't deterred them only gave them more reason to quickly pursue this. The impression I got was it's going to happen soon. I was going to go see Mercedes this week but I guess I will look elsewhere. Definately not worth the risk. Damn LE always runing our fun.
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