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Mar 21, 2018
Went to see Lucky at Nainas. I asked another member about her so I could make sure it was the correct girl. I was told Lucky had a tattoo on her forearm. Booked the time and asked about rim, prostate massage and golden shower. Was told no rim. I went up and the door opened. The girl was a little thicker than I expected and there was no tattoo. I told her you are the wrong girl - Im pretty sure it was Anie. She said oh you want lucky and called her out of her room. Lucky came out and she was pretty much how she was described. She looks Malaysian and has a wider face. He lip injections look botched and he boob job was not that great but she has nice nips and an amazing ass legs and stomach. I would say she is early 40s but doesnt really look it especially her body. When I got in the room she said pee pee forty dolla. I said no dont worry about it. She had to confirm with text then laid a towel below me on the bed. I laid on my stomach hoping for some rim action. She gave a teasing massage for a few minutes, rubbing down to my balls. It felt pretty good. I then turned over. She said pee pee slow and straddled my face. I wasnt expecting this after I said no but WTF. She put her pussy to my mouth and I began licking her. She has a landing strip with some hair down there but it is fine hair. I actually enjoyed it. After a couple minutes she began to pee in my mouth which I didnt really want at the time so I spit it out and let it run down the side of my cheeks. She only peed a little bit and then got off and wiped most of it up. I then got her into 69. She has a nice pussy and begand sucking me while I licked her. Her BJ is ok, nothing noteworthy. She doesnt give tongue action so no BLS. I kept licking her and licked her ass a little bit. She didnt complain. She then turned about and without me even really realizing it slipped the condom on. She rode me for a bit her pussy was pretty good. I tried to kiss her but she does not kiss. I then got on top of her and pounded her fairly hard while I grabber her ass. I put my finger in her ass up to the first knuckle and came. Overall it was an ok experience. Her body from her breasts down is amazing. What is strange is I didnt see any tatoo on her forearm. She did have tattoos on her stomach and back. Overall I dont think I would repeat but then again the talent in London is very limited.
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