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Looking for a professional Photographer …..


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Jul 14, 2020
But there is a twist of course……

I want to use my own SD/CF card and edit my own pics, I just want someone else to take them. You will not retain the pics at all. Shoot will be done and the cards with pics come with me.

Please PM with proof of work. I will not reply to hobbyist offering to help, to amateur photographers with no portfolios. There is a place for you guys, just not for this.

Will not try to pay less then your usually fees because of less work. It is not about the price, it is about the privacy.


EDIT: I can not stress enough - you need to have a proper online portfolio. Don’t send me pics that you have done via text or email. I won’t believe that you actually took them. They could be stolen for all I know. I’m not taking chances

Unless they are already online on your professional website, I’m not interested. Reference maybe be requested as well if ladies are not known or no longer active.
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