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Hockey: New rules for amature hockey


Jul 30, 2003
THUNDER BAY, Ont. - The red line is gone but European players will stay in Canadian hockey next season.

Representatives from across the country voted to eliminate the offside pass from all levels of amateur hockey being played in Canada in 2004-05, Hockey Canada decided Monday at its annual general meeting.

When you look at it, a lot of our leagues are not using the red-line already,'' Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson said. ``I'm really happy to see that it's happening because it's just making it really consistent for everyone across this country.''

It was the only major change to the sport during a meeting with three hot issues on the agenda. Limiting junior teams to a single 16-year-old player was deferred until next year's meeting in St. John, N.B. Also on the back burner is restricting the number of foreign players on junior rosters
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Reducing the number of European players on the teams is something that should have been addressed this meeting.
Kissing the redline goodbye is a great call. It will open things up and we should see a more freewheeling skillful game being taught and played. --- Kev
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