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Elle Sparks Indy formerly Allegra TO


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May 10, 2016
0 & she advertised here on TERB.

Ad here -

Prior TO review:

So, texting was very easy, straightforward, and services were as advertised on TERB - 250/45, 300/H, no Greek, MSOG/BBBJ/CIM all on menu, if you have terb handle/references (and YMMV / hygiene, of course).

Location was simple Airbnb, worked well since I was on my last summer work trip to Ottawa (sniff). Parking nearby, obv. location subject to change in future with Airbnb nature of rental.

Met by very fit, attractive mid-20's brunette - pics are 100 percent accurate, no touch ups, nothing brushed up. She's a fitness model, and it shows. Even though she's not in full show mode, man...tight body. Nice smile, pleasantries, LFK's at first, then after a drink, on the action.

I don't think rating looks helps, but judge for yourself on the pics, they're 100 percent legit, but I'd say it's very clear her advertised stats are spot-on. DFK's, very receptive, and very giving. DFK to BBBJ then 69, all were amazing, not just the views, but the moans (which yeah, I get it, helps us too, but the skin flushing is hard to mimic, so clear she's enjoying herself). She's very good at BBBJ, soft at first, nice tongue action, BLS, and also very receptive to DATY. 69 was awesome. Didn't take long with her grinding away, and she really got into the action, pounding back, it felt amazing in CG & Doggie, so I didn't last long round 1. Some nice cool-down chat, she's very relaxed, puts you at ease...and Round 2 soon enough. BBBJ, MPOS, and a fantastic CIM finish (as Round 2 takes some effort, but she definitely put a 10/10 effort there lol - no SW, which is totally fine with me). A quick cuddle, 5 mins chat, then it's off to the showers, and a nice chat/hug/LFK goodbye.

Restrictions are pretty simple - no Greek, and no SW (I didn't ask about DATO/rimming/etc. - BBBJ/MSOG & CIM are my big pluses I want in an hour). As with the higher-end providers, a top-notch GFE experience.

I think she mentioned coming back next month, and she's pretty popular in TO, but make no mistake, she's the real deal. Recommended? Absolutely. Repeat? Yes (although I've got Giselle/Spinner Chloe on a rotation now for reliability lol), when I'm back in town, would definitely do it if the schedules can match.
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Dec 19, 2006
I saw Elle in Toronto a few weeks back. Totally agree with Gobroncosgo. She is a great girl. Hilarious to chat with with a lot of different life experiences to draw on. As mentioned her body is tight and it obvious she hits the gym very frequently. One of the best BBBJ I have ever had and she was very responsive to DATY. She travels to Ottawa several times per month so it should be easy for people in O-town to coordinate a visit with her.


Jul 13, 2014
I was able to see Elle twice this summer when she was touring from Toronto ... first time due to a last-minute cancellation from another provider and I was pleasantly surprised to find Elle very responsive and available at CMJ where she was full of fun erotic energy. Second visit was even better than the first. She's lots of fun, likes to laugh, is a total hardbody fitness girl with a super-sexy sparkle in her eye ... I know she is SP as indy but I've seen her on the days she's MA at CMJ -- I was mostly up for MA services anyway so it was perfect. Cute (beautiful!), fun, sexy, smart, talkative when I want to talk and then all over me as soon as the talking was done -- great ego boost for me, and a huge burst of energy to keep my day rolling as I headed out ... what more can you ask for?? And I know this doesn't apply to a lot of guys, but I'm a chubby dude about 25yrs older than Elle -- in real life she's way outta my league, but in the room she made me feel like equals and I wasn't thinking about my weight or my age when I was with her at all ... like I said, that wouldn't matter to a lot of folks but for me that's priceless. Thanks Elle!!
Sep 11, 2011
Thanks for the review,
She used to be [email protected] (I think that was her name), and she used to offer Greek and was a gem there, I regret not seeing her then, She still get very good reviews in Allegra and as indy :) I'm sure she still a gem.
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