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Aug 19, 2002
hamilton area
Well, here we go... election time! Ridiculous lawn signs, smarmy TV ads, and scripted debate. Does ANY party really, deep down, believe there are UNcommitted voters out there? C'mon, this is the 21st century. The electorate has made it's collective mind up ages ago and one month of this crap is yet another waste of money. One week is plenty to call the election, set up voting polls and then cast the ballot. The whole process begets more of the same. Fix the process and people will take more interest.

Whats the sense of having elections when the PM you vote for doesnt keep ANY of his main promises. Look at Chretien and his GST and now look at McGuinty. Given all the slush funds and corruption Canadians will just keep voting Liberal, mark my words. If not a majority Liberal govt then an NDP/Liberal coalition (which is even worse), either way I doubt the Conservatives will get in.

Time for a revolution. people!!! Let's storm Parliament Hill, I'll lead the charge!!
Winston is vey correct: Those who like, follow, and critique poltics, along with party members probably have made their dececision...but what 's that , 15-20% of the electrorate?
It's the others..the swing vote..who make the difference.
I just hope they see the light and throw the bum, incopetent,liying immoral, sons-of -liberal-bitches-OUT!
Now..if I could just make up my mind......


Feb 18, 2003
Liberals are toast...

I just had some "terd" come knocking on my door tonite, the holiday monday weeked, no less, looking for support for that eunuch, Dan Mactegue,Liberal, the guy who always whines about gas prices, but has zero clout.

Unless Steven Harper says something stupid, he's the next PM.

This, from an uncommited voter. Looks like Paul Martin may have a shorter term than Kim Campbell.
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