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best host for my new website


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Mar 2, 2004
I am launching my new site in a few weeks and curious if anyone can tell me a good ADULT web host. I have no idea who is good. I will need alot of room for traffic as I will have movies and 3 galleries Any advice is great I know one lady on here that uses flexhost (I won't) so any other ideas? I'm all for hearing them thanks guys!


about $120/year (USD) - about $170 / year Canadian

and adult sites are okay

Monthly Cost $9.95 ($119.40/year)
Setup Fee none
Transfer Fee none
Domain Names Unrestricted
Subdomains Unlimited
Disk Space 1 GB
POP3 Mailboxes 300
Data Transfer 30 GB/month
Hits Unmetered
Mail Forwarding Aliases Unlimited
Mail Groups Unlimited
Autoresponders Unlimited
Catch All Mailbox
Mail Bouncer
Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
Web Based E-Mail
Spam Filter
Control Panel
FTP Access Unlimited
FTP Accounts 300
Auto Resume FTP
Anonymous FTP
FrontPage Extensions
Auto Script Installer
Website Builder
File Manager
Data Backup Recovery
Anonymous Upload
Shopping Cart
Instant Upload/Preview
Private CGI-BIN
PHP4 (Version 4.3.4)
ASP (Active Server Pages)
SSL (with self signed certificate)
Live Chat (Single Room)
Live Chat (Multi Room)
Site Search Engine
Secure File Download
Password Guard
Recommend Site Script
Auto Reply Form
Guest Book
Mailing List Manager *
Webmasters Forum (phpBB2) *
Content Manager (phpNuke) *
Banner Manager (phpAds) *
WebCalendar *
CGI Script Library
Perl Script Checker
Advanced Statistics
Server Status Report
Protected Directories
Custom Error Pages
Archive Manager
Index Manager
IP Blocking
Hotlink Protection
DNS Management
Wildcard DNS Support
Private Label DNS
Access To Raw Logs
Log Archiving
Storage Directory
Scheduled Scripts (Crontab)
MIME Type Configuration
.htaccess File Configuration
Real Audio/Video Support
Windows Media Support
Quicktime Video Support
Flash Support
IPIX Support
Dreamweaver Support
Adobe GoLive Support
Unrestricted Content
OC-48 Connection
24 Hour Monitoring
Uptime Guarantee
24/7/365 Support
Instant Activation
30 Day Guarantee
* Requires MySQL Database
Optional Features - Can be added or deleted at any time!
Feature Monthly Cost
Database Access (MySQL) $5.00 FREE* (300 databases) SSL $5.00
Domain Forwarding $5.00 per block of 5 domains
Unique IP Address $5.00


New member
Mar 2, 2004
wow WIYD that alot more than i need lol but thank you none the less for the response,.
ANYA awsome thanks I Prefer doing business with canadians if possible. and it seems very reasonable.
More important than the cost and options (most hosts offer about the same long list of options.)

The key after having websites since the very early days of learning html code without any of today's modern applications, and having had many different hosts, the key comes down to how good and responsive is tech support and getting problems solved (especially being down).

I also need it to be adult oK and get large traffic - about 30gigs/month to relatively low file space. Have 2 sites that average over 2000 different visitors a day and others with less traffic. Nothing like terb gets but eliminates some plans because of the high traffic.

For the last few years paying only $19.95/month for six domains, lots of traffic etc. The host happens to be in Toronto.

BUT... over the last year many problems with being down, most recently E-mail only down problems, and seems only one tech support person whose English is sometimes hard to understand who often doesn't realize there is any problem. Once it seems he raises issue with Network center which is in the U.S. eventually everything works. But sometimes problems (such as E-mail or websites down) doesn't get fixed on a weekend until someone who seems to know how to fix things gets in Network Center on Monday.

This host has very good pricing and all the options you might want but you would have no idea about the service problems by just lookiing at the raw options and costs.

One source of good information is

I have started to do research to switch hosts, but then when its working I just don't take the time it takes to make the decision and have to do all that is involved with switching.

One important thing for me is using a host that has its own forum so you can read all about problems, how often they occur and how fast they get solved. When your down, not knowing if its only you or zillions of others is frustrating. With a forum (assuming not hosted on same servers that are down) we can at least find out what is going on from other members and hopefully tech support being active on the forums.

Just some ideas, that's its more complex than just pricing and features.
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