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18,000 Terrorists Poised to Attack


missing 400 or so
Jan 27, 2002
rocko said:
I wonder how many have Canadian passports
Probably one tenth of the number that have US passports....


Keebler Elf

The Original Elf
Aug 31, 2001
The Keebler Factory
The report doesn't state how many of those 18,000 have experienced, how do I put it, "accidents" in the past year.

Between the CIA and the US military, I'm certain that number is way lower today.
The US administration is still not working in full cylinder and it simply does nothing to protect herself.

There could be more than 18000 based on the estimates. That does not even count those sympathizers/volunteers who give the logisitics support and the intelligence agencies will never know without intrusive methods and special jurisdiction to monitor.

Plus, we don't have enough Arabic speakers/linguists or the secular, westernized Muslims to join the law enforcements and infiltrate the terrorists groups.

You could tell how bad the siutation is when the CIA needs to use a prominent member of Canadian al-Qaida member to infiltrate the network and we the Canadians are so nice to let them back to Toronto when they say in English they want nothing but the destruction of our neighbor and their Great Satan.

Europe is even worse. See no evil and hear no evil has special meaning. Even Britain does very poorly on this.
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