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đź’–Vancouver Bound? đź’–Then Welcome to my Dichotomous world - Where Hedonism and Pragmaticism converge!

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Jul 17, 2006
Vancouver or FMTY
Welcome to my dichotomous world…..where pragmaticism and hedonism converge!

The door shuts behind you. We are alone now, just you and I. In the privacy of this secret little world, only the two of us matter... and the pleasure that awaits to be uncovered.


Tracing your finger against the outline of my lips, you ask for my name... Angela Sinclaire…..thought everyone calls me Angel. Through our time together, you will learn that this is a name that ignites lust and awakens passions untold.


My specialty is in curating luxury liaisons based equally on intimate connections and explorations of hedonism. Allow your mental and physical senses to be tittilated as we create an unforgettable mind/body/soul experience!


An intriguing dance between naughty and nice. Sensual, engaging, kind, clever and curious - all gift wrapped for you in a meticulously sculpted, comic book superhero physique


If you have followed me this far, be assured – this is but the beginning of your journey. An untold adventure, where you step out of the stressful or mundane, and discover a new reality of the senses.


Trust your intuition. Allow me into your world, as you step into mine.

I will guide you to reigniting your joy, spark and confidence ... you have earned it.

604- 728-8261
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