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  1. faveone

    Claire Bear 6518 - 10/10

    A Just post the last 4 numbers of her phone number
  2. faveone

    Kimmy on LL 4778

    Thanks! I can live with that! 😄
  3. faveone


    Having been hobbying for over 25 years I can tell you that there were many girls (independents and agency) who did bbbj, dato, rim and lots more back in the 90's. Greek was more of a specialty thing back then and almost always required an upcharge
  4. faveone

    Kimmy on LL 4778

    Have been thinking of seeing her the next time I am in Ottawa. What was the upcharge for Greek?
  5. faveone

    Belleville newbie sharing experiences

    Trinity will definitely show you a good time! Saw her a little while ago and she was pretty open to almost everything (bbbj, Mish, doggie, cowgirl.. 😉). You won't regret going to see her. Just be up front with what you like
  6. faveone

    Any good asian today

    Because the little head screams louder than the big head is thinking ! :p
  7. faveone

    Spinners who offer Greek/anal - Ottawa Based

    It definitely was a good time when Mirage had ladies visiting Ottawa! I remember having a session with a Korean/Asian lady (the review is out there) that really rocked! But still, there are great choices in Ottawa/Gatineau (no, I am not going to toot Rosie Meoww's horn again :ROFLMAO: ) if...
  8. faveone

    Looking for a PSE spinner super sloppy blowjob

    Rosie Meoww ticks all those boxes 😈 If you tell her what you want she is good at accommodating requests 😉
  9. faveone

    PSE girls

    Rosie Meoww can get pretty hot and is into most things except rimming and kissing
  10. faveone

    Cassandra in Gatineau

    She definitely looks hot! Has anyone seen her who can provide any feedback? 🤔
  11. faveone

    Spinners who offer Greek/anal - Ottawa Based
  12. faveone

    Being called daddy in bed

    When I am with a lady, the proper response to 'who's your daddy?' Is 'you're my daddy' 😄
  13. faveone

    Miu - AEYOW

    Thank you 😊 Looks like they currently only have one girl on their roster 🤔
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