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    Which SPs or MAs are you wanting to see?

    Next on my list I think is Lucie Laflamme next time I’m in Ottawa and can plan ahead. Alternately Hallie Madison if she returns.
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    The Ottawa GFE MAs (list, votes and reviews)

    +1 Tina CMJ - Not my type, but great service
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    Your All Time Top 5 SP

    - Gia Wren Marlowe/Georgianna Sweet - all time fav - Ella Black/Blair - Annika Reilly More recently... - Blakely Jolie - Nadia Lovechanko
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    Have a nice little to-do list going now, thanks for all the replies.
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    A good point! I guess the top of the list would be a naughty boss type or naughty secretary type of scenario, am inexperienced and would be open to suggestions, especially ones that involve lingerie & stockings:sneaky:
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    Wondering if anyone had any suggestions for providers that offer roleplay? I would be going with Ruby Lust, however they are travelling ATM. But this would be the level of companion I would usually go for. Thanks in advance.
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    Deepthroat swallow

    Hailey Rae is touring this way, seen her a few years back in Toronto and the CIMSW was pretty wild. Could be worth looking into.
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    OUTFIT Requests?? So Many Questions!!

    Stockings & Lingerie are pretty important to me. I don’t get too specific though and let the provider pick their own items, and will kind of propose it as a theme to providers who don’t want specific outfit requests. And of course will always tip generously as I am aware of the extra prep that...
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    If Julia Jayde ever comes back up from Toronto I would recommend.
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    thanks for the comment, will look into them
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    Karma Storm

    Usually those rates are accompanied with an online presence such as website or twitter, something to corroborate.
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    Karma Storm Did some research, nothing really came up. Wondering if anyone had any insight.
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    Looking for any leads in Munich for independent escorts. Have found a few, and a bunch of agencies but it’s thin on reviews. Will likely go to Leierkasten but was hoping for a bit of info as it seems things work differently than the rest of Germany.
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    Wishlist for 2023

    Hallie Madison & Duchess would be on my list for 2023
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    FKK Club Germany

    There were at least a few.
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    Let's play - What ever happened to? Ottawa Edition

    I reached out to her a year or so back and she at the time was not sure if she was going to return, not long after her site was removed so I figure she is retired.
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    FKK Club Germany

    Visited FKK Artemis in Berlin recently (Early Dec 2022). Showed up around 4pm on a Saturday, paid entrance fee, took a shower, got into a bathrobe and wandered around a bit. There were about 25 ladies of which almost all were attractive, 5 stunners, maybe 20-30 guests. Main Floor has Bar/Lounge...
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    Your Best SP and MA for 2022

    MA: Sadie @ Vibe SP: Blake Jolie
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