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    Homer Watson

    I had a semi legit session yesterday. Almost semi holistic. Review to come when I have a few moments with less people around.
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    Homer Watson

    Links to other review boards are frowned upon.
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    Asian Spa Experts

    That sounds about right.
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    Asian Spa Experts

    I usually post somewhere. Not always on the same board. And sometimes, if it has been a forgettable experience, I forget to post.
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    Asian Spa Experts

    Tried it once. Shower not in room, but wasn't very clean. Girl was greedy, wanted way too much but didn't deliver any real quality that enticed me to ask for more. Won't go back.
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    Recs for Monday in Cambridge...

    Grace @ Blue Ocean 721 King St East Cambridge is getting a lot of positive reviews these days. New place opened a few weeks ago. I've seen her twice and will definitely see her again.
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    Grace at Blue Ocean at 721 King St E

    Grace is a one woman operation for now. Nice new place. I've seen her twice now. The first time was great. The second time was even better. Standard door fees - 40, 50, 60. She didn't ask for any tip, she left that to my discretion. She's a nice Chinese lady, probably in her mid to late 30s...
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    Asian Spa Experts

    It's across from the Giant Tiger store. It's Aurora H2o Spa at 960 King St. E.
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    Asian Spa Experts

    Went a couple of years ago. It's not strictly RMT. It's also not very clean. They do not have a shower. At least they didn't when I went. I went once and have not returned. Same owner as the vichy shower place in Cambridge on King, which is the much better of the two.
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    KFC: wasted my money

    I liked KFC when I was much younger, still get the craving from time to time, usually when I pass one of the restaurants and the smell attacks me. But have managed to resist for quite some time. I much prefer Popeyes or Mary Brown's.
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    Favourite Outfits, Sexy Clothing, and Fetish Wear

    Shouldn't this thread be in the new pictures section?
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    Which all time porn star?

    Brianna Banks mentioned as a runner up in post #38.
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    Which all time porn star?

    Just one? Christy Canyon. Followed closely by Brianna Banks and Veronica Zemanova.
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    Which all time porn star?

    So would he.
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    The Women of CP24

    I'm more impressed by her cleavage than her bun.
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    Anyone here go to the Toronto Auto show ?

    A good chance to test drive an EV. A fun track (ride along) at the Jeep booth. Too many manufacturers not at the show.
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    Can You Recall a Weekend as Crazy as This One?

    Specific weekends? No. But there were some pretty crazy times when Rob Ford was Mayor. Could always count on him doing something off the wall almost daily for a while.
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    Sexy Tan Lines Thread

    I've had two hands massages, four hands massages, and six hands massages, but have never even considered a twenty hands massage. This must be what hobbyist heaven looks like.
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    Vintage Nudes - Nude photos from Back in the Day

    Danni.com What a site that was. Even using dial up. LOL
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    The proper use of certain words

    Given that English isn't your first language, kudos to you for how well you do.