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    The Deporter in Chief part two

    Joe Biden has named Cecilia Munoz to his transition team. She was Barack Obama's former head of domestic policy council and a chief architect of their mass deportation policy that surpassed Stephen Miller's attempts. In 2011 when questioned on the inhuman policies by PBS she stated "as long...
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    Trump administration halts the evictions nationally.

    In a smart move, The CDC just issues orders to halt all evictions through to December 31st. This applies to all persons economically affected by Covid 19. Renters only need to inform their landlords of their status. In doing so he just prevented millions from being thrown out into the...
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    Ed Markey defeats Kennedy

    For the first time a Kennedy has lost a race in Mass. It was a rebuke of ambition and Nancy Pelosi as she had endorsed Kennedy despite her policy of hindering primary challengers. Of course this only applies to conservative ones and not Progressive ones. Another real Progressive will...
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    Biden never learns.....

    In 1988 Joe Biden ended his presidential run because he plagiarized Neil Kinnock in a speech. 2020 Joe Biden accepted the Nomination by plagiarizing Jack Layton in a speech. It's amazing........
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    It's over for Biden......

    Kanye West qualified for the State of Utah as a candidate for President. This is clearly a conspiracy by Mormons to ensure Trump wins.....
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    Anyone else not remaining signed in?

    So I keep having to log in with my password and email. And yes I clicked the box to stay signed on and my cookies aren't being cleared. Is this something I have to turn on somewhere? Or just a glitch?
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    Joe Biden's Black vote entitlement

    He was on Charlemagne the Gods Breakfast club and said this........ "If you have a problem figuring out whether you are for me or for Trump then you Ain't Black" Joe just seems to love telling people not to vote for him.
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    How Lame is Joe Biden?

    So Lame he came up with this Nickname for Trump... "President Tweety" That's all he has? Really? I swear the press is going to detail his campaign in the grounds he will be a ratings killer.
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    Another out of Touch Biden decision

    Of all the people to appoint to find your VP having Chris Dodd chair the committee is on par as one of the worst. He is a dinosaur, first elected in 1974, now working (as in name on header, steering clients) for some blue chip whites in charge law firm. And best by Far known for the...
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    Sanders Raised 46.5 million in month of February

    Latest totals for his campaign are $46.5 million raised 8.7 million donations 1.9 individual donors 99.9% can donate again $21 average donation Warren came in with $29 million Biden with $17 million. Sanders has announced advertising now beyond Super Tuesday to the next set of states.
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    Warren is done

    Thinking she doesn't make it to Super Tuesday. She is down to $2.3 million in the bank from reports and had to secure a credit line bro make sure she can cover costs. Cancelled advertising in Nevada and SC. No advertising in Super Tuesday States. Willing to accept SuperPac cash now...
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    Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire

    2 down. A few more drop out, the moderates continue to be in disarray, and his numbers continue to rise both in the next two states and nationally. Looking better every day.
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    Andrew Yang may be done.

    Reported that he has let go several senior staffers. His path has ended after a bad Iowa. Unfortunate as I do like him. Lets see if he endorses anyone right away waits a bit and angles for the winner.
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    Sanders January Fundraising....

    $25,000,000 From 1.3 million donations, 648,000 donors, 219,000 new donors. New record. He is continuously growing. That's just one month.
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    Is Biden Done?

    Fourth place finish in Iowa. Under performed by 7 points to the polls. May not even get a single delegate. Steyer cutting into him in SC. Bloomberg in the wings. I think so.
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    The DNC couldn't organize an orgy.....

    .........In a Brothel. What a mess. Whether it's accidental or more nefarious this is just pure idiocy.
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    Another big Sanders endorsement.

    The American College of Physicians has just endorsed Medicare for all. And with it Sanders. Add in the California Nurses Union and others to follow and this another infuencual chunk of the electorate.
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    Who falls asleep first in the Senate?

    So who do you think falls asleep first? I'm betting on a GOP. Maybe Graham just to make a show of it.
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    Bernie Sanders makes new fundraising record.

    Once Again the Sanders Campaign has broken the Donation record with over 5 million individual donations . In comparison no other candidate has broken 3 million. He is also it appears on track to well outpace his rivals in total $ for the 4th quarter, with just shy of $35,000,000 raised. So...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Hope everyone is doing exactly what they want to do today!
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