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  1. Insidious Von

    Would you rather time travel to the last or the future...

    Cloning is difficult, your immune system would be compromised - they can't figure out how to improve the odds. Besides we wouldn't survive the future regardless.
  2. Insidious Von

    Football Central

    Saudi League to sign Kylian Mbappe to a contract for $8 million a week.
  3. Insidious Von


    Their home town was Dunfirmline, Scotland. Had to look it up on Google Maps. Axl Rose said McCafferty was his biggest influence.
  4. Insidious Von


    The most under-rated band.
  5. Insidious Von


    I was so preoccupied by Borje Salming, that I completely overlooked one of the greatest voices in rock history. Dan McCafferty lead singer of Nazareth passed away last November. Better late than never.
  6. Insidious Von

    Tennis Central

    Dane you realize if the Saudi's took over tennis, Camila would be publicly flogged as an obscenity before God. About to start in a matter of minutes: Joker vs Razamanaz. As Billy Red Lyons says, "dontcha dare miss it".
  7. Insidious Von

    Trump indicted like an orange monkey

    I agree with jc. It's a disgrace I tell ya. America's Greatest President, who defeated Joe Biden by a billion votes...indicted like a common schmo. Marge won't stand for it. Making fun of orangutans stops here.
  8. Insidious Von

    NBA Playoffs - Superstars and the Unheralded

    I've never tasted a Sassicaia wine, I've had the grappa. It was as smooth as any 16 year old single malt. One of my favorite videos.
  9. Insidious Von

    NBA Playoffs - Superstars and the Unheralded

    Mr. Sassicaia hasn't exactly been lights out in the final. Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon have been caging him well. I suspect his rolled ankle is troubling him, being a warrior, he's not one to complain.
  10. Insidious Von

    NBA Playoffs - Superstars and the Unheralded

    Ja Moron is going to get himself killed, the best we can hope for is he takes a bullet in the ass like Rodney. Why so serious?
  11. Insidious Von

    Football Central

    Italy into the finals of the U20 World Cup, some solace for what has been a depressing Serie A week. What happened to Brazil, they didn't get off to a good start
  12. Insidious Von

    RIP Commander Tom

    Which show had The Furry Burry Creature?
  13. Insidious Von

    Tennis Central

    Sweet girl got some redemption. She's been having problems against girls bigger than herself all year. Hadad Maia beat her the AO. Now she has a chance to win her third French Open Title. She says that she misses her idol Rafa.
  14. Insidious Von

    Songs about smoke, dust, fires

  15. Insidious Von

    Songs about smoke, dust, fires

  16. Insidious Von

    Teen jumps off cruise ship after a Dare, never seen again.

    If it's a tiger shark, your chances of survival are 0%. Unlike Great Whites who hunt pinnipeds, a tiger shark eats whatever it likes. Would it be worth diving with Shark Girl? She's never dived at night.
  17. Insidious Von

    Messi mania!!

    I should explain the Inter/Messi debacle, although it seemed like a good deal - briefly. Messi was heavily scouted from a young age. At 9, Inter greased the wheels to get him an Italian Passport. That would allow him to play as a European domestic in Serie A. He was supposed to move to the...
  18. Insidious Von

    Aliens Spotted In Las Vegas

    Magic mushrooms spotted in Las Vegas.
  19. Insidious Von

    R.I.P. Iron Sheik.

    "I fuck your ass and make you humble". Not everything was peaches and cream for Sheiky Baby. He shot on Andre the Giant and Andre took exception.
  20. Insidious Von

    Fox moves to sue Fucker Carlson for breach of contract

    Didn't Fox send movers to rip out Tucksy's home studio...which they paid for. If he's still getting paycheques he's fucked. On a side note, has Elon had his date with AOC yet?