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  1. Samantha Jones

    Sex dolls vs Escorts

    Don't worry, I'm having a sex doll made of me.
  2. Samantha Jones

    Howd you get so rich?

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  3. Samantha Jones

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  4. Samantha Jones

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  5. Samantha Jones

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  6. Samantha Jones

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  7. Samantha Jones

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  8. Samantha Jones

    mm hey babes, thanks for the emojis xx you know where to find me

    mm hey babes, thanks for the emojis xx you know where to find me
  9. Samantha Jones

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  10. Samantha Jones

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  11. Samantha Jones

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  12. Samantha Jones

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  13. Samantha Jones

    Port Burwell Vlog and Pics

    My Youtube channel certainly is taking off! I was just commenting on the Hanlans point forum on here. Mentioning about how cool my recent trip to Port Burwell was also. Have you been to the Beach much this year? It's been such a great escape, and is so nice to have more time to enjoy it. Lmk if...
  14. Samantha Jones

    The Scenery of Hanlan's Point

    Hanna's is super fun. Everyone blends in- clothes or not, gay straight or bi. Hope the water warms up again soon! However, even though more of a drive- Port Burwell is my new fav. A lot more private than Hanlans and a bit of an older crowd/less 20 year olds. Some of my recent ad pics are from...
  15. Samantha Jones

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  16. Samantha Jones

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  17. Samantha Jones

    Your fav Weekend Fantasy, Samantha Jones!

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  18. Samantha Jones

    Perfect Companion for Nude Beach Have you ever wanted to see what it would be like to venture to a nudist Beach or Resort, but never had the courage to do it alone? Well, now you can take the LEGENDARY Samantha Jones with you! Let me be your guide in exploring this exciting lifestyle. Or we can...
  19. Samantha Jones

    Free haircut with session when you book with notice ;)

    Free haircut with session when you book with notice ;)