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    Is your incall location still in Ottawa? I seem to recall you moved a little out of town.
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    I can verify that she has an enormous clit and loves having it stroked to orgasm. I saw her a while ago before she moved out of Ottawa. She's a lot of fun and her prices are reasonable. And no lack of kissing, that's a plus!
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    Pamela - 1042

    Yes. Exactly what I do.
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    Tina Blonde

    I'm glad to read all these positive comments! She advertises often on Locanto, which is a somewhat dicey site. So I was reluctant to try her out. MaybecI'll give her a go now.
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    Has anyone answered the "my dom wants to share me " ads?

    I really don't understand why people find this couple so fascinating. Day after day this thread hits the crop of the list...
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    SP That Shows Porn

    I think Whimsy Fai would likely be a good bet for this.
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    LFI - Mia 819 xxx-7793

    There's no way this is a genuine ad, at $200/hr. Pics will be fakes.
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    I'm a Tiny milf excited to play, are you??

    I've provided up to $50, but sure not $500...
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    Jade Sky

    That's great information, I'll hope to catch her on her next visit!
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    Katie Kush 7510

    Great information! Thanks!
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    Emilia Dagger review

    Look it up online. They're quite nifty devices.
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    Emilia Dagger review

    Visiting from Toronto, Emilia was here for the whole week, so I decided to take the opportunity to try her out. Emilia was easy to reach by text, responded within minutes, and it was easy to set up a session at her incall. This was a small but well-appointed and scrupulously clean apartment in...
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    Advanced A Levels

    Never did connect with Kassie but she looked hot.
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    Emilia Dagger adventure

    This is really a low and horrible practice, if true.
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    Katie Kush 7510

    Hi, has anyone had any experience with Katie ("Mouth like a vacuum") Kush who advertises quite regularly on Leolist? Sorry, no link, have not figured out how to do that on Terb.
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    Emilia Dagger adventure

    I'll be there! Promise not to be a no-show! Lol
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    Curvy English lady anyone seen?

    I texted her just out of curiosity. Absolutely no response. Days later, I just deleted the text. If you want business, at least answer your texts! I don't think the ad is genuine (or the provider).
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    Emilia Dagger adventure

    I'm pleased to say I'll be trying out this hottie during her current visit. If she's okay with a review, I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Stephanie - 0421

    I like her look but have no experience with her.