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    Does Canada Support Regime Change in Russia?

    If NATO dismantled today, Russia would be in the Baltics, Poland, Romania, Moldova, as well as Ukraine by the of the year. Why the fuck don't people read history? Dictators with the power to take over countries NEVER stop unless forced to. There is no appeasing such assholes. Ever.
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    Does Canada Support Regime Change in Russia?

    You folks are forgetting history- the Ukrainian people tossed out the Russian puppet Yanukovich who fled to Moscow after backing out of an EU agreement at the last minute in favor of a Russian one despite opposition. Hence the people revolted as Ukrainians wanted to be closer to the west not...
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    Anti-NATO protests in Europe

    Had an old colonel who fought in WWII tell me that the russian tactics very different than the allies. If there was a machine gun nest, allies would try to cover fire and maneuver to get a squad behind the gunners and take them out w a grenade or a clear shot. the Russians would rush the gunner...
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    The Red Tsunami.... of rightie silliness

    I find it funny (ironic) that empathy only belongs to the in group w my hard conservative friends. Hate gays...until Cheney has a lesbian daughter. Can you imagine what Fox would have done if one of the Obama girls got knocked up out of wedlock at 18?. But Willow Palin...not a word...
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    So I am a little self-conscious about something…. Maybe TMI

    I too plucked a few chords in my day. As a younger man one can power through anything. However, past 50, thinking you might run into some strings...kinda makes the weiner turtle a bit. At least in thought. Maybe in practice enjoying a nice convo then being allowed burying ones face into your...
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    Gaetz Vows It's 'Only The Beginning' After Hawks Kill Bill To End Occupation Of Syria

    That would mean USA occupies almost all of Syria.
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    RIP Robert Blake

    I heard the son theory too. It's possible. But not probable. I think OJ is enough of a narcissist that if he could avoid jail by throwing his kid under the bus - he would.
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    Tucker Carlson on the deep state.

    Tucker is smart enough to know he's spouting bullshit. But he's accrued such power, such salary, that he has, in essence, "a wolf by the ears that he dares not release". Thus he has to double down or else be totally humiliated.
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    Air Base Attacks Deep Inside Russia Point to CIA Covert Ops and a Planned War

    So, you free Ukrainians through: Wholesale slaughter and rape of civilians? Looting their houses? Attacking hospitals and infrastructure? This is how you free your oppressed fellow Russians by doing this? Or denazification by blowing up civilian infrastructure? I suppose it's like hunters...
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    Trump "Stolen Elections" Fraudulent Claim Threatened The Life Of This Georgia Election Worker

    She should get an AR15 and shoot those people who come after her. Stand your ground Ruby! Proper gun control will only happen once the GOP sees that black Americans want to open carry in malls and fast food places like whites can. Like California in the late 60s. Once the black panthers...
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    Trump ally Kari Lake loses suit over her defeat in Arizona governor’s race

    What is particularly ridiculous is this obvious leap of logic - these morons claim "fraud" - then immediately declare they must be installed as the winner. Really? Did they see which direction the fraud went? What if the fraudsters were on their side? But no - it's hallucinations as evidence...
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    The War On Christmas Is A War On America

    The militant industrial grievance complex rears its head again. Find one or two moron left wing radicals and blow it up way put of proportion to get their viewers feeling scared and under seige. As long as they're 'feelin' they ain't 'thinkin'..
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    Feverishly Racing Toward Our Own Destruction...

    No need to. Have a Wikipedia read.
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    Sam Brinton, nonbinary Biden official, stole jewelry worth $1,700 in second luggage theft

    Non binary should not matter. Theft should. Linking the two is usually the expression of some sort of prejudice. Particularly those with an agenda. The Aryan supremacist sites always highlighting any crime committed by blacks. To a lesser, but still significant degree, Fox does it too (recall...
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    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays To All Of Terb

    Even those I disagree with I wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday season and New Year.
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    The U.S. and NATO Helped Trigger the Ukraine War. It’s Not ‘Siding With Putin’ to Admit It

    Bowing down to dictators always works to end international crises. LOL
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    Feverishly Racing Toward Our Own Destruction...

    WTF. Russians are bad actors. Full stop. The people of Ukraine hate them (remember the orange revolution that threw out putin's hand picked president causing him to flee to Russia). They voted in Zelenskyy because he was not part of the Russian installed and corrupt ruling group. Putin has been...
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    How the Donny paid less tax than most guys on TERB - the figures are out!

    And not a single person not associated with the coup attempt called him smart, principled, knowledgeable, etc. In fact every single person who worked with him stated he was a flaming moron.
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    Hot Babes Giving Blowjobs Thread

    Thought spotted dick was a British dessert
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    GOPee congrassman lied about everything in his resume

    The problem is shame is no longer a valid emotion. Moreover there is a loud support structure for all GOP missteps that will justify or whatabout it.