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    Upskirt - Classy Photos

    Let's see him get a shoehorn in that.
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    NFL Playoffs

    Apparently, this is the first Super Bowl in which both starting quarterbacks are black. Andy Reid passed Tom Landry for second spot in playoff wins for a coach.
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    NFL Playoffs

    As a longtime Bengals fan I can only say "f*^k !!!!!!!!!".
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    Hazel McCallion RIP

    She was something.
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    Too gay?

    Too painful.
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    Leafs '22/'23 Thread

    Poor guy. Brings to mind Mike Gartner. In 1994 at the deadline, with about 10 games left in the season, the Rangers traded him to Toronto. Well, as luck would have it, the Rangers went on to win the cup that year. In his stellar career I don't think he ever made it to the final, let alone win a...
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    Leafs '22/'23 Thread

    To a lesser extent, I recall back in the day(1980) the NY Islanders trading for Butch Goring(L.A.) at the trade deadline. Many pointed to that trade as the move that pushed them over the top, as they went on to win 4 cups in a row. It also started the trade deadline frenzy we experience every year.
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    Dash Cam Hard Wire Installers - Looking for one in the GTHA

    I had a good experience with this company a while ago.
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    Pictures of entering into….

    Can you please tell us the source of this picture? Thanks.
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    New sports trivia

    Correct!!! He was born in Yugoslavia and his family moved to North America when he was a child.
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    Scott Rolen

    Do you mean "Aqualung has LOST none of it's bite nor relevancy over the years"?
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    New sports trivia

    No. European born only.
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    New sports trivia

    Who was the first European born draft pick to play in the NHL?
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    The new Night Court

    My favourite Night Court moments:
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    L.A. Shooting

    Poor CNN. When the news broke early this morning they were having a field day suggesting it was a hate crime targeting the Asian community.
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    Offside: The Harold Ballard Story

    I'm just curious, why do you believe Ballard's era ended April 11, 2014? Thanks.
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    Offside: The Harold Ballard Story

    Just for the record, the Leafs have made the Semi-Finals 5 times since 1967: 1978 vs. Mont. 1993 vs. L.A. 1994 vs. Van. 1999 vs Buff. 2002 vs. Car.
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    Elizabeth Holmes going to jail.

    One newscast reported that when she was going to be charged she tried to purchase a one way ticket to Mexico.
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    Retro Toronto Thread for Nostalgia Purposes.

    Is everyone excited about this?
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    Flyers Provorov Protests Gay Pride

    I've always been against political and sociological displays in the workplace, which includes the professional playing field. Either at the employers insistance(ie. trying to get their employees voting a certain way) or at the insistance of the employee(ie kneeling for racial issues). Outside of...